Banchharam’s assigns its social media marketing mandate to Social Neeti

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 17, 2022 News
Banchharam’s assigns its social media marketing mandate to Social Neeti

Banchharam's, Eastern India's sweet meat brand, has been added to the portfolio of Social Neeti. One-of-a-kind due to the agency's strategy of achieving desired objectives through the creation of exceptional thumb-topping content In order to achieve the desired outcome that makes a difference, we are looking forward to successful campaigns. Banchharam's has expanded its boundaries with new products such as baked foods, sweet and savoury snacks, and quick bites, as well as the agency's marketing strategies.

The brand will be managed by the agency. We are partnering with Banchharam's to connect with its target audience. The brand has made a mark in the international markets by exporting packaged sweets to the US. In order to boost our association, we will use a 180 degree social media marketing approach backed by our experienced team.

We aim to convey stories and take the audience on a nostalgic journey with our social media approach. We want to use a story-telling style to reach out to the public so that they can relive the nostalgia of the brand. Extending our marketing efforts to their offline shops is one of the things we are doing. We aim for unique designs and strategically designed commercials to bring their versatile and occasional menu to light and to the right crowd.

The agency wants to establish a brand that is more connected to its customers and improve the user experience on restaurant aggregation platforms.

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