OhContent New feature: Autoblogging via RSS feed

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2022 OhContent
OhContent New feature: Autoblogging via RSS feed

Hey whatsapp guys?! We are glad to see you and we know how excited you are about our new autoblogging feature. Now all posts will fly directly to your blog!)

I propose to consider this using the example of WordPress in the format of a step-by-step tutorial.

Ok, let's say you have a domain, hosting and an installed WordPress blog with a fast theme.

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So, you have already generated articles and want to submit them to your blog on autopilot.

1. Get a link to a full-text RSS feed.

OhContent now streams the latest 100 articles from the source to the full text RSS feed. The link to the feed is located in the card for each source. All you need is to copy this link.
Very important information - this link doesn't require authorization, so anyone with it will have access to your articles, so make sure that the link does not go public.

2. Install the WPeMatico and FIFU plugins.

WPeMatico will allow us to import posts from the RSS feed on a schedule.
FIFU (Feature Image from URL) as the name suggests - will allow us to use feature image from URL, LOL)

So let's install "WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher" and "FIFU".

3. Set up the import of posts.

Go to WPeMatico's "Campaigns" and add a new campaign.

Let's name it "OhContent Fitness Source".
Click "add feed" and paste link to our RSS feed.

Now we'll set up our import - we'll set how many articles will be imported in one run.
We'll set 10 articles, but if your feed has already accumulated a lot of articles that have not yet been imported, then you can increase this value for only 1st run, then change it back to "10 articles". This will avoid unnecessary load on your server.
The rest of the options can be left unchanged.

Next we specify the schedule of import runs, let it happen once per hour.
Check the box "Activate scheduling", and select Preselected schedules - "Once per hour".

Specify special settings for images. Check the box "Don't use general Settings" and "Set first image in content as Featured Image". And another checkbox for "Use Featured Image from URL".

In some themes, it happens that on the article page, a Featured image is displayed separately before the main article. If so, you can check the "Remove Featured Image from content" checkbox to avoid double displaying the image. If not, then don't check this box, otherwise the image will disappear from the article page.
You can also specify "Store images locally" to download images to your site.
Now we need to specify that our articles fall directly into the fitness category. We'll be able to send other sources to other categories.

It remains only to press Publish. After that, we immediately see the time of the next run.

If something was imported incorrectly and you need to reload the articles, first delete the blog articles and then click the "Reset post count" button on your campaign.

Great, I hope everything worked out for you!
Share with your friends and we will be glad to see you again on our blog.