Affi Network partners with Cointelegraph to bring affiliate marketing to Web3

by Lindsey Francy Jul 27, 2023 News
Affi Network partners with Cointelegraph to bring affiliate marketing to Web3

Affi Network is a leading affiliate marketing solution for the NFT space. The digital advertising industry is being fostered by this alliance.

The affiliate marketing sector is expected to grow from 17 billion to 40 billion in the next 15 years. A performance-based marketing model in which an online retailer pays commission to publishers for traffic and leads they generate is called affiliate marketing. Almost 80% of companies use affiliate marketing today and more than 75% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews.

The partnership with Cointelegraph will allow NFT projects to maximize their revenue potential while empowering publishers and community members with earning opportunities. The team plans to make affiliate marketing solutions for all of Web3 someday. The core innovation of Affi Network is bringing decentralization and transparency to the affiliates. Advertisers are able to create and deploy their own affiliate programs on a self-serve basis. Anyone can get a unique referral link, share it and earn rewards for converting. Advertisers only pay per sale when conversions are verified.

Affi Network was one of three marketing-focused companies featured on Start-in-Block's Top 100 List at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 and received a 4.9 out of 5 validation score on Magic Store.

ColonyX NFTs, also PFPs, promote diversity and individuality, incorporating a majority of personas found in the creative industry. Above is a collage of 8 out of 3,333 ColonyX NFTs. Each NFT is a key to future events.

A majority of personas found in the creative industry are incorporated into ColonyX NFTs. There are 3,333 ColonyX NFTs in this picture. Future events are dependent upon each NFT.

ColonyX is an exclusive Web3 marketing community and membership created by Affi Network for marketing professionals, content creators and individuals. Advertisers and publishers can learn from professionals in their field with the help of the NFTs. In the near future, events and workshops will be free and require a ColonyX NFT to access. Affi Network is dedicated to empowering its community and ColonyX represents a perfect convergence of cutting-edge technology and valuable knowledge sharing.

Pinakithamakul is the leader of Affi Network and has been at the forefront of the advertising industry for the past 10 years. He has worked with marketing agencies around the world to deliver dozens of brands. Pinaki has a strong track record in both advertising and the internet.

Affi Network CEO Pinaki Sachathamakul speaking about affiliate marketing in Asia on a panel at iFX Expo alongside marketing leaders from Amazon, Visa and Ultimate Fintech — June 2023. Source: IFX Expo

The CEO of Affi Network is speaking about affiliate marketing in Asia on a panel with marketing leaders from Amazon and Visa. The IFX expo is a source of information.

The Affi Network is raising funds through a private sale of its token. Interested investors can join Affi Network at the private sale. The move comes as Affi Network prepares its token launch in time for the upcoming halving of the world's most popular digital currency.

Affi Network and Cointelegraph have formed a partnership. Affi Network can be used by loyal community members to generate a new stream of income. Interested people can reach out for more information.

About Affi Network

Advertisers and publishers can work together on a commission basis on the Affi Network. The studio behind Affi Network, Brandface, created 2,500 influencer jobs through their clients. The Affi Network plans to give away 1 million dollars a year through the use of technology.


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