AI developments wont trump authentic content, says PR expert

by Jacob Solomon Jun 7, 2023 News
AI developments wont trump authentic content, says PR expert

The CEO of a creative communications agency is talking

Artificial intelligence is being talked about all over the place. Every day there is a stream of innovative artificial intelligence developments on my feed.

It is moving at a very rapid rate.

I am of the opinion that we should embrace all the benefits of artificial intelligence.

It can help to speed up our mundane daily tasks if we have the time-saving capabilities. As things progress, the current versions will only get worse.

Trying to focus on one new artificial intelligence tool just sees it superseded in a matter of days, if not hours.

Hotels should not get carried away and keep the basics. Looking after people is what your offering is about. As a hotelier, you have to continue to do what you do best, which is offer great service.

It is important to remember that artificial intelligence is fed by real life people and not by software.

Your authenticity needs to shine through in your marketing in order for a good hotel experience to happen. It's not what guests will see when they come and eat in your restaurant, or drink in your lounge, or sleep in your beds that's what Artificial Intelligence can do. The true essence of your hotel is captured by you.

While adapting and using artificial intelligence, it is still looking for authenticity. PR, in the form of press stays and other news stories, will play an increasingly important role as people struggle to understand reality from artificial intelligence.

The truth will be held up as an arbiter byitative websites. A review in the Telegraph, Times, Guardian or the like still carries a lot of weight and will continue to do so as a mark of legitimacy.

The data it pulls together will no doubt be taken from those websites that help to highlight a brand's authenticity.

The best results will be looked for by the program. Content on your website that feeds into this is crucial. Even though artificial intelligence can help with this, it is still important to make sure what you add plays into that. Adding value is what you need to get found in the future.

Affirmative marketing is a trend in marketing. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand that makes them feel good. The sentiment is perfect for hotels to tap into. A luxury hotel is defined as aspirational. You need to let people know that they provide the best things in life. You can showcase the things that people will want to do at your hotel.

The reality of your offering needs to be seen. You will continue to present a hotel that people want to stay in if you focus on high quality imagery, frame your message in a way that people want to stay in, and if you don't use artificial intelligence.

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