10 Must-Have CRM Features for Small Businesses

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 7, 2023 News
10 Must-Have CRM Features for Small Businesses
 A woman working in a call center smiles while talking on the phone with a customer.
CRM software can transform many aspects of a small business. There are 10 features, in particular, you should look for in a CRM. — Getty Images/Richard Drury

If you're looking to grow your business, ditch the spreadsheet and use full-featuredCRM software. Dozens of tools for service, marketing, and sales are provided by the bestCRM systems. Your staff can see the entire sales process with the help ofCRM features.

A customer relationship management system gathers data and gives your staff a clear view of your customers. Many free and low-cost software solutions that are essential for small businesses can be found in the below list.

1. Company and contact management functionality

Contact management is a feature in most of theCRM systems. The person's name, address, email, and phone number are included in the list. Multiple team members can use the database to check their data and preferences.

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Company profiles are allowed on someCRM platforms. Adding customer information and creating individual contacts for each person involved in the buying process can be done with these.

There are 12 common customer relationship questions that were answered.

2. Client profiles and interaction tracking

Data collection software is also served by aCRM tool. Customer interactions like messages and voicemails can be included in a historical database. You can attach files from quotes to invoices with someCRMsoftware. Multiple team members can be kept up to date by having a panoramic view.

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3. Third-party integrations

There are no-code or low-code integrations that can be found in aCRM solutions. It's easy to connect your most used tools with thisCRM feature. It can reduce errors and increase productivity. There are free or low-cost tools for small businesses.

There may be third-party integrations.

  • Email client integration transfers messages between your company and contacts into your CRM platform.
  • Connecting your business phone system lets you automatically capture and personalize phone and text conversations.
  • CRM software that integrates with social media accounts lets you track online conversations.
  • Connect your calendar to your CRM system to make it easier for sales reps to book demos and video meetings.
  • Integration with project management or collaboration tools can help service or marketing teams get client feedback.

4. Lead management

A basic lead management feature is usually offered by aCRM systems. Your sales rep can identify leads and their positions in the sales funnel. Your marketing and sales team can use this information to improve your marketing campaigns.

The management of your entire sales process is handled by advancedCRM software. Lead scoring is one of the tools that may be included. Territory management can be used by small businesses to assign leads and prioritize tasks.

There are five factors to consider when choosing aCRM software.

Your service or sales process can continue even when your staff is not at work.

5. Customer data analytics, reporting, and dashboards

If you want to monitor sales performance and visualize customer journeys, you'll want to use the bestCRM software. Key performance indicators are shown in reports. Sales forecasting and a single-page view of critical statistics are provided by dashboard.

6. Sales and marketing automation

Customer interactions can be recorded with yourCRM solution. A marketing automation tool instantly replies to a lead generation form, whereas a sales automation feature allows interested prospects to book an appointment through an integrated calendar. Most aspects of the lead management process are supported by automation.

7. Template and document management

The solutions can be used to store content. Sales presentations, branding guides, and other marketing tools are put in a centralized location. A template library is one of the options someCRM software has. It has a variety of forms and emails. The features increase efficiency and break down siloes.

8. Mobile CRM software

Key features and customer data can be accessed from anywhere with a mobileCRM. It's not uncommon for a software to provide iOS and Android apps. Sales reps should test the mobile apps to make sure they can complete a demo.

9. Collaboration and communication tools

Customer relationship management involves a lot more than that. Built-in messaging, meeting, and calling are some of the features in some software. If your system doesn't integrate with your phone service, this feature can be useful.

Your service or sales process can continue even when your staff is not at work. A ticketing function is included in an all-in-oneCRM platform for service, marketing, and sales.

10. Sales process task management

It can be difficult to manage relationships in your sales funnel. Sales reps can see what needs to be done and when. Managers can assign tasks and see the status of employees and accounts. Your team can receive notifications based on follow-up timelines.

There are strategies and best practices in the field.

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