Intellimize releases a turnkey Salesforce integration

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2023 News
Intellimize releases a turnkey Salesforce integration

B2B marketers will be able to target website visitors from any account and deliver personalized experiences on every page with the release of a new integrated platform from Intellimize. The ability to deanonymize visitors from key accounts is included in the release.

A deep understanding of each target persona is required to deliver the right personalized experience. Identifying which anonymous website visitors are from key accounts is thebane of every ABM marketer. It is easier to show personalized content for each prospect at every opportunity stage if you have an integration with Enhanced Match.

To be able to personalize for the entire buying committee, even the anonymous ones, is a huge change for the industry. It creates synergy between the sales and marketing teams.

It's no longer necessary for marketers to manually set up campaign UTMs or build hundreds of personalized landing pages in order to deliver the content their buyers need to move through the funnel. They can use Intellimize to create targeted outbound landing pages that will enable sales teams to confidently send emails, texts, or direct mail and be certain that each key account will arrive on a landing page tailored just for them.

Guy Yalif, CEO of Intellimize, said that he was thrilled that they could provide B2B marketers with everything they needed. With a few clicks, marketers can connect their valuable data to automatically generate personalized experiences for each unique visitor.

Marketers can use on-site visitor behavior to create personalized experiences using Intellimize's behavioral targeting capabilities. Targeted homepage content for target prospects who visited a product page twice in the past week to highlight that product of interest has been created by marketers.

The only codeless platform that uses artificial intelligence to personalize websites is Intellimize. In a cookieless world, marketing teams at Sumo Logic and Okta gain a competitive edge by using Intellimize.

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