The Rise of Intelligent Marketing: Possibilities Created by AI for Marketers

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 7, 2023 News
The Rise of Intelligent Marketing: Possibilities Created by AI for Marketers
AI for marketers

New technologies have helped marketers to market their products better. Whether we talk about the transition from the template era to fax, from faxes to emails, or from emails to websites, there have been many changes compared to any other industry. The era of artificial intelligence for marketers is here.

Professionals in modern markets are using some of the features and functions of artificial intelligence. Companies around the world are using artificial intelligence to generate, clean data and manage it.

AI in marketing

The global artificial intelligence market is expected to reach a threshold of $2 trillion by the year 2030.

Why AI for marketers is a good idea?

There are many profitable roles for artificial intelligence in marketing. The technology can help marketers frame more fact based marketing strategies, and deliver them with the right resources to tackle the massive competitive landscape of modern markets.

If you are planning to transition your traditional marketing activities to artificial intelligence, we will talk about a few marketing tools that can be helpful.

Buckle up.

AI for marketing campaigns

1. Collecting useful marketing metrics

Digital marketing uses artificial intelligence to track modern users. Many companies use artificial intelligence to convert user behavior into data that can be used for targeted marketing.

Every time a modern user gets onboard on a digital platform, whether they sign up, start streaming a movie, play a game, or go somewhere, they are converted into data and categorized on the basis of their nature.

Deep learning uses the data to find patterns and machine learning links categories to users. The activities are done using artificial intelligence.

2. Personalizing advertisements

The days of marketers not being able to target specific groups of people are over. Artificial intelligence can be used for advertising. The data collected through the user behavior can be used to select which ads to show to which users. A negative reputation in the market can be avoided by using artificial intelligence in marketing activities.

3. Producing visual and copywriting content

There are a lot of tools based on artificial intelligence. Within a month of it's inception, the artificial intelligence-based chatbot was used by millions of people. The tool uses artificial intelligence to create human-like responses. The tool's database has been updated to help it become useful for a variety of purposes.

Artificial intelligence is being used by marketers to generate emails faster, serve clients better, find answers faster, and more.

There are a number of tools that can be used to create artwork as well. The name is Midjourney. The tool can be used to prompt real people to export. Graphics that are copyrighted and royalty-free can be generated using these prompts.

4. To market through chatbots

Artificial intelligence can be used to respond to more human-like questions. Artificial intelligence and marketing can work together to create amazing results for marketers and brands.

It is possible to market products/brands/ services whenever a person is asking questions with related words. The artificial intelligence can use these words to find the right resources and market to users.

It is possible to explain products to targeted customers with the help of an artificial intelligence bot. For faster responses and to target large groups of people to market products and services, companies can use artificial intelligence.

5. Generating catchy taglines for marketing

As soon as the target audience reads the marketing copy, they'll know it's a good one. The process of generating content for marketing campaigns is easier thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. These marketing tools can be used to upscale the quality of your marketing activities.

6. Social media management

It's an excellent strategy to market your products better through social media. Artificial intelligence can be used to upscale your social media coverage and help you survive the competition. Artificial intelligence can be used to explore and filter top marketing trends, engage with target customers, automate customer service, and make them sound human-like.

7. Making the editing process faster

The ability to edit faster is one of the new opportunities created by artificial intelligence. You can use artificial intelligence to upscale the quality of your marketing strategies. You can make changes to a graphic using the magic edit feature. One of the most popular image editing tools is called PicsArt, which has an artificial intelligence-based image editing feature that helps you manipulate images faster to make them look better.

Top three examples of using artificial intelligence for marketers

The ability of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of services has been empowering businesses around the world. Some examples are mentioned further to give you some insight into how artificial intelligence is benefiting businesses.

1. Buzzfeed’s Infinity Quizzes 

AI in digital marketing

The company created a quiz platform where questions would not stop. Over 100 million monthly visits to its platform were secured by a marketing strategy that included the use of artificial intelligence.

One of the most popular artificial intelligence development platforms in the market is Openai. One of the best examples of an artificial intelligence in marketing that any business can use as an inspiration is Buzzfeed's quiz.

2. Amazon Personalize

AI for marketing strategy

One of the best examples of using artificial intelligence in a marketing campaign was made by Amazon in 2019. Amazon has been using personalization for a long time. Whether you want to buy a product or watch a movie, using artificial intelligence for marketers to enable the personalization of recommendations, Amazon tries to show you what you want to buy. Amazon Personalize will be made available for everyone in 2019.

Without learning machine learning, developers now have the ability to personalize their services. Businesses of all sizes were able to increase their quality of services because of the fully managed service.

3. ClickUp helps blogs boost traffic using AI

artificial intelligence and marketing

ClickUp adopted artificial intelligence to make their digital marketing campaigns more effective. ClickUp uses natural language processing to make it more efficient and user friendly. Its abilities are not limited to this area. Users can execute other tasks with ClickUp's artificial intelligence. For instance, for instance.

  • Identifying content optimization opportunities to make them more user-friendly
  • Identifying keywords and their placement opportunities
  • Ideal article structure insights
  • Identifying image opportunities, etc

Top tools to leverage the abilities of AI in digital marketing activities

There are many opportunities for artificial intelligence and marketing. You can take it as an example. For all the right reasons, marketers love this one of the most popular artificial intelligence chat rooms. Due to its amazing abilities, such as generating content faster, sounding almost human-like in its content generation requirements, and even its ability to review written content faster, it is preferred by many.

There are other ways to use artificial intelligence in marketing. Maybe you've heard of the marketing powered by artificial intelligence. If you haven't already, let us introduce you to these tools that use artificial intelligence.

1. Bard AI

AI in marketing examples

Bard Artificial Intelligence was released in the month of March. Users can sign up for a waitlist to get early access to the tool once it's approved by the search giant. The Bard Artificial Intelligence tool was made available in over 180 countries.

Bard Artificial Intelligence, one of the leading tools with artificial intelligence for marketers, is still in its infancy and has some limitations. Bard Artificial Intelligence has a database with recent information. You can ask questions from Bard Artificial Intelligence.

Bard Artificial Intelligence is able to find the latest statistics related to any topic. Bard can be used to make your marketing graphics more effective. Bard is smart and with time, due to the knowledge of the world, it is going to improve greatly. Global marketing will get more competitive once that happens.

2. DALL.E 2

AI marketing strategy

Modern marketers have the ability to generate marketing graphics faster thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Some high-quality graphics can be generated using Prompts. DALL.E 2 has the ability to generate different images.

The best thing about DALL.E 2 is that it gives you the rights to use the images you generate in a variety of ways.

3. FeedHive

AI marketing tools

Feed Hive uses artificial intelligence to help marketers use social media tools more frequently. Artificial intelligence is used in marketing to automate. For example, automation of publishing content, automated replies, improved collaboration, and more.

Feed Hive is the best tool for in-depth research for digital marketing experts. It can help you find the most popular ones to increase your visibility.

Feed Hive claims that combining artificial intelligence and marketing requirements can help you generate 75% better quality content and speed up the growth of your visibility by 2.5 times.

Wrapping up

There are many advantages to using artificial intelligence for marketing campaigns. Even though you are using artificial intelligence, the reward of your marketing efforts won't always be high.

Artificial intelligence has turned out to be a game-changing technology. It has made it harder for people to grow and sustain.

Everyone can find the data but not everyone has the correct people. To grow through the cutthroat competition, you need to embrace artificial intelligence, experiment with opportunities created by it, and use the right people. If you want to maximize your marketing strategy and make the best out of resources accessible to you, check out Artificial Intelligence in marketing examples frequently.

We hope that our insights have given you a better understanding of how artificial intelligence is a blessing and a curse for marketers. To keep up with the evolving marketing industry and how modern IT products are changing with time, you should explore more of our well-researched and drafted blog.

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