Nakiah's 5 tips on becoming an influencer

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2023 News

Companies around the world have been partnering with content creators to tap into their audiences to raise awareness about a product, service or event and use their connection to their audience to get them to take a specific action with their brand.

All of the athletes with sports shoes, Nike had some of the best commercials and everyone wanted to buy some after watching the funniest commercials from the likes of Michael Jordan andPenny Hardaway.

An "influencer" is a person or thing that influences someone else. When you look in Oxford, you will see that they have added an updated definition for the word "influencer". An influence is a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

People influence us by buying products or signing up for services. Think about all the things you do before you buy something. Reading reviews online, reading an article about the product, watching videos on YouTube, and seeing what your favorite social media personality has to say about the product are some of the things you can do.

People often ask how to become an influential person.

I wanted to ask someone who has been creating content since they were 14 years old and has grown into one of the top content creators in the world at 21.

There are five tips on how to become an influential person.

Pick a niche that you're comfortable with and don't do it because of the hype. If you can't cook, don't go into cooking content because other people are doing it and it's going to be popular. You can make animal content if you love animals and know about them. Content that is authentic and natural to you can be created.

There is a difference between looking for inspiration and copying something. You can scroll through to see what people are doing, but don't copy and paste what someone else is doing. Take a look at certain trends. You should show who you are in all the trends. That's what will get people to visit. Your followers can tell when you aren't who you say you are.

If you accept feedback, do not neglect it. These are the people that will help you get there. Pay attention to the ones that do well and study the rest. Do you know what my followers love to see? Your audience will let you know when they don't like what you're saying and if they don't tell you, it will show up in your analytics. When you build a community around your content, people will want more and let you know more of what they want to see, those who don't like your content will not follow you. You will be supported by genuine supporters.

It's important to create content that can be understood by a wide range of people. You are doing animal content. Some people are not animal lovers but they are dance lovers. They might like to dance. You don't have to tarnish your animal content, but you can blend animals, music and dance together to reach a new audience. If you're not an animal lover, you might want to check out the music or dance elements of the video.

Do your homework. If you want your content to be seen by a lot of people, research it. What is making the content popular? If it's a topic that they're talking about, or if it's a song that's popular, you should study it. Trends die within a week so if you see a song or a trend, jump on it sooner than later. It's important that research is done. Content should be produced in a timely fashion.

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I hope you found ways to incorporate these tips into your writing.

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