Cat Burns' Music Week Award winning marketing team on their fan-focused campaign

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 7, 2023 News
Cat Burns

The strategy that helped make Cat Burns a breakthrough star was discussed by the executives behind the successful Artist Marketing Campaign.

Hannah Ege, audience development manager, was one of the people who collected the award at the event.

She launched her own agency, Noted.

She told Music Week that the last thing to do with the team was this.

The fourth biggest single of the year was Cat Burns' Go. It has sold more than one million dollars since it peaked at No.2 in June.

Cat Burns posted her own videos on the platform. Multiple versions of the track dropped throughout the campaign, including a slowed down version that was teased as a TikTok sound.

The official video was shown on TikTok Live. There were tour announcements on the platform.

She said that they made sure everything was authentic. It was a celebration of her audience but also of Cat. We gave fans what they wanted as soon as possible. It wasn't easy, but it paid off.

Fans reacted to the new sounds on TikTok and they were released to theDSPs. There were multiple versions of the track, including Sam Smith's version. The impact of that version was amplified by key tastemakers.

Ame said that they were the first to do multiple versions and that they had an impact on it.

A surprise acoustic duet with Sam Smith streamed from Hyde Park helped strengthen Cat Burns connection with her fans. The versions released as TikTok sounds were used to secure placement on the radio shows.

Ame said that they were not afraid to learn. We've all worked in music for a long time, so you can just set up campaigns in the way that you want.

We wanted to listen to the fans and ride the wave with Cat. The A&R teams worked closely with them to say that this is what's working in terms of sounds and trends.

The single was nominated for a song of the year. The International Marketing category at the Music Week Awards was won by Sony Music.

There aren't any rules or any set ways to run a campaign any more

Chloé Ame

There aren't any set ways to run a campaign anymore. You have to be proactive because you can try new things.

That's marketing. Abdela said to experiment and try new things. Innovations have definitely been at the forefront of what we've been doing. Sometimes things don't work but then they do.

The Go campaign led to three more tracks for Cat Burns, including People Pleaser, Live More & Love More and Arr Dee collaboration Home For My Heart.

Hannah Ege said that she was on various tours. Lots of new music is on the way.

Ege said something big is coming this year but it is a bit early to announce anything.

She is about to go to the US to support Ed Sheeran and do a run of her own headline shows over there. I'm sad I won't be a part of it, there's more music to come that the guys are going to be working with.

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