Phrasee Introduces AI Content Engine, Powering Superior, On-brand Content Generation for the World’s Leading Brands

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2023 News
Phrasee Introduces AI Content Engine, Powering Superior, On-brand Content Generation for the World’s Leading Brands

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The complete artificial intelligence content platform for enterprise marketers, Phrasee, today introduced its industry-leading content generation capabilities.

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The power of large language models is combined with the proprietary controlled natural language generation in the Content Engine. This combination makes it possible for marketers to create on-brand, high-performing content for any use case.

While many tools are racing to jump on the generative artificial intelligence bandwagon, Phrasee has been honing its craft for eight years. Deep learning is trained on a unique data set of thousands of experiments and billions of marketing data points to create a higher quality creative output that is proven to perform.

"We live in a world where anyone can create content on demand through LLMs and a simple, chat-based interface, but just because it's created, doesn't mean it's good." Good content builds brand recognition and drives results. The world's top brands will drive awesome marketing results through the use of artificial intelligence. Today, the Phrasee platform is doing that for our customers.

The only platform that provides all of the capabilities of an artificial intelligence is Phrasee. Through deep learning and automated experimentation, content created through Phrasee is crafted with industry leading brand controls.

enterprise marketers can achieve better results with the help of Phrasee.

Content is created at scale.

With unlimited creativity, marketing teams can create high-quality, data-backed, on-brand content, at scale, across the digital customer journey.

Customer engagement is maximized.

It is possible to increase engagement, conversions, and customer lifetime value with performance that doesn't degrade over time. Marketers can useular performance data to track the impact of artificial intelligence on their business.

Experiments can be automated.

It's easy to test and learn from marketing messages. Ensure a brand's best-performing messages reach the most people by easily experimenting with content. Testing and Optimization can be done at scale with multi-step workflows and out-of-the-box integrations thanks to the self-serveUI.

Customer insights that eliminate guesswork are provided.

Language insight reports analyze content experiments to reveal the words, emojis, and tones a brand's audiences respond to most and how they evolve. It is possible for marketers to apply these learnings to their efforts.

The suite of new generative AI capabilities provides enterprise marketers with an exclusive combination of artificial intelligence-powered tools that not only generate on-brand, high-quality content but add the ability to personalize that content to drive increased engagement and revenue. This is what good content looks like. There is no other platform that can provide this mix of solutions. There will be more unique tools designed to help enterprises embrace generative artificial intelligence with confidence.

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You can meet us at the event.

Discover how generative artificial intelligence is helping marketers increase loyalty, engagement, and return on investment through the power of marketing messages when you meet the Phrasee team at Chicago's Salesforce Connections in June. Two of the biggest days in marketing, commerce, and customer-first innovation will be hosted by Phrasee.

At 9:30 a.m. today. Home Chef and Phrasee will be speaking at the Lincoln Park Theater about howrative artificial intelligence is maximizing customer engagement. Home Chef's Lauren MacArtney, senior lifecycle marketing manager, and Natalie Mesgleski, lifecycle marketing associate, will show attendees how to use artificial intelligence to boost click-through rates. They will be joined by Lindsey Nelson and Jasper Pye.

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In the future, enterprise marketers will use artificial intelligence. The platform generated the best-performing content at scale and with enterprise-grade controls to enable customers to compete effectively in this always-on, digital world. It's platform is proven to drive more clicks, conversions, and revenue across email marketing, push notifications, and more.

In addition to boosting customer engagement and increasing lifetime value for the world's leading brands, Phrasee also maintains their unique brand standards and voice.

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