Don't worry creators, AI isn't coming for your job (yet)

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 7, 2023 News

 image of a sunset with computer generated hills
image of a sunset with computer generated hills

The influence of generative artificial intelligence is inescapable. It took industry giants a decade to reach 100 million active users. With the mounting pressure to demonstrate return on investment and deliver high-quality work within tighter budgets and timelines, the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence couldn't have come at a better time for marketers.

How can marketers and creative teams use artificial intelligence to create unforgettable brand experiences? The best artificial intelligence art generators can help.

01. Get inspired

Artificial intelligence can help marketers save time, money, and stress. By using its ability to process vast amounts of data, recognise patterns, and generate novel content, artificial intelligence can turn one-line thoughts into real-life creative content that would take weeks to develop otherwise.

Artificial intelligence systems can analyse artistic styles, techniques, and themes to create original pieces of art, from visual creations to music and even video. It gives creatives fresh sources of inspiration, as well as opening up possibilities for unique collaborations between humans and artificial intelligence.

It has replaced rough drafts with high-quality, original copy that can be tailored to suit a brand's unique voice.

It's hard to ignore the benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to your job.

02. Realise it's not perfect

We did an experiment to understand the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the creative process.

Seven products were created from scratch by the models. We tested the concepts with 300 consumers in the US to see how effective they were.

The results were not great. Consumers didn't recognize these products as artificial intelligence-generated, but they did score in the bottom third of all the products tested so far. There is a lack of essential understanding of our human connection in Artificial Intelligence. They were short of captivating consumers' attention and interest.

03. Add the human touch

The tests showed that the technology still requires supervision and involvement. It might be able to tell stories by predicting the most likely words to follow, but it doesn't have a real connection to our lives.

The artificial intelligence generated beer commercial 'Synthetic Summer' went viral for its resemblance to beer ads. As time goes on, the video becomes more unnerving, with good looking people having a great time drinking beer against the backdrop of a barbecue. A journalist described it as the stuff of nightmares, detailing how the backdrop turns darker, the background music becomes a distorted version of Smash Mouth's song "All Star", and the barbecue develops into a fully fledged fire.

It is an example of where the strength of artificial intelligence lies, and where it needs that human touch to deliver something that is reflective of the human experience.

04. Use it to your advantage

Even some of the world's biggest brands can only dream of spending $4 billion a year on advertising, as Coca Cola does.

It's possible for smaller brands to compete with consumer giants in reaching consumers by democratising access to these high- value marketing opportunities, thanks to the remarkable aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The brands that rely on marketing are the ones that are evening the playing field with artificial intelligence.

Emerging brands can compete for market share by using artificial intelligence as a valuable asset for copywriting and design.

generative artificial intelligence is dependent on humans and human creativity. Brand marketers should experiment with and understand these tools before using them. It's important for them to understand and harness the potential of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence should be used as a valuable ally in crafting brand experiences. Artificial intelligence could be the force that marketers have been looking for. To stay ahead of the game, marketers need to explore and master artificial intelligence tools while they still have the opportunity.

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