NEP Singapore Moves into New Connected Production Facility

by Jacob Solomon Jun 7, 2023 News
NEP Singapore Moves into New Connected Production Facility

There was a fire in Singapore on June 6, 2023.

NEP Singapore, part of the NEP Group worldwide network, opened a new broadcast production facility in the northeast of Singapore to meet the growing demand for connected broadcast production solutions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The new facility, which is connected to NEP's global productionecosystem, is now serving broadcast clients, rights holders and other content creators with both offsite and remote production services, helping them bring their live sports and entertainment content to audiences around the world.

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The new facility is located in the northeast of Singapore and has modern office space and an engineering workshop inside. Businesswire has a photo

Modern office space and a spacious engineering workshop are included in the new facility. A dedicated space for camera and audio equipment is available in the warehouse, as well as ample space for NEP Singapore's deep collection of industry-leading fly-pack kits.

The signature floor of NEP Singapore will be 1,500 square meters and custom built to support remote and centralized productions.

Saeed Izadi, President, NEP Singapore, India and Middle East, says, "We are very proud to open the doors to our new NEP Singapore home where we will continue to offer our clients the very best broadcast production solutions" We are able to scale the solutions of the facility to meet the needs of our broadcast partners, whether they are working on a Tier 1 remote production or a Tier 2 remote production. I'm very proud of our team for bringing this new facility to life and excited for the opportunities it's going to deliver to our clients

"The opening of a new connected production facility in Singapore represents a strategically and operationally essential advancement of NEP's services in the region." NEP Singapore is ready to meet the needs of a growing market in Southeast Asia.

NEP Group offers clients a full range of end-to-end solutions to capture their content and deliver it to their audience in near real-time. NEP has 20 connected production hubs, more than 70 production control rooms, six broadcast ready NEP datacenters, and over 3000 engineers.

You can visit NEP Singapore and to learn more about our solutions.

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You have an idea of what's going to happen. We are aware of it as well. With a worldwide network of experts and cutting-edge technology, we empower content creators and rights holders to tell stories in innovative ways. 35 years of trusted experience across broadcast, live event, and virtual production make us the perfect partner for you.

Over 5,000 employees work for NEP in 25 countries. We have supported productions in over 100 countries around the world. At, you can learn how we help our clients. has a source version of the news.

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