SBS Audio engages contemporary Australia with new multilingual marketing campaign

by Jacob Solomon Jun 7, 2023 News
SBS Audio engages contemporary Australia with new multilingual marketing campaign

The recently rebranded SBS Audio has launched a vibrant multilingual marketing campaign to drive Australian audiences to its distinctive cross- platform offering.

The brand evolution of SBS Audio is complete, with the public broadcaster's latest ad campaign drawing audiences to its newly refreshed SBS Audio app and website designed to improve discoverability of its innovative multilingual audio content.

The campaign is aimed at multicultural audiences, as well as those seeking diverse perspectives and stories through a uniquely Australian lens.

The ads feature many faces of contemporary Australia and speak directly to multilingual audiences. This includes creativity in Arabic, English, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese, as well as personalization options on the website.

Jane Palfreyman, Director of Marketing, said that the campaign encourages Australian audiences to discover SBS Audio's strong offering which is now easily discoverable at one digital destination at any time of day.

We aim to deeply engage and grow audiences on the platforms where they are already at with our promise to match their wavelength.

With more than six million streams and podcast downloads every month and over 262 hours of original content published weekly, SBS Audio is really pleased to be continuing our digital evolution to better serve Australian audiences.

Radio has always been at the center of what we do. Users can now immerse themselves in a great digital experience to discover something new and build connection through language and stories.

More than 5 million Australians use a language other than English at home, and that's why SBS Audio provides content for diverse communities.

Since March, there have been improved discoverability and accessibility features on the website and audio app.

  • Better showcasing of podcasts from across the entire SBS Network including SBS Audio, SBS News and Current Affairs, SBS Television and NITV, with SBS named Podcast Publisher of the Year in 2022.
  • Individual station pages for all seven radio stations to help users understand what’s available and when to tune-in to their preferred live programming across news, information, entertainment and music in over 60 languages.
  • A "What was that song?” music search feature using day and hour filtering on music station pages for SBS Chill, PopAsia and PopDesi.

The website of the audio division of the company is The app can be found on the App Store for the iPad and on the Play store for the phone. Audiences can find selected SBS Audio content wherever they listen to radio and podcasts.

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