Social Skills: Summer Events to Generate Leads and Beat the Heat

by Lindsey Francy Jun 7, 2023 News
Social Skills: Summer Events to Generate Leads and Beat the Heat

Social Skills is a bi-monthly feature that focuses on social media and digital marketing tips for agents and brokers.

There are events and events. Hosting or getting involved with events is an important way to generate leads in your market, and any REALTOR® will tell you that. Being present and face-to-face in a social setting with potential clients is a great way to open the bridge of trust, already taking the first steps for you to be their go-to for their realestate needs and the agent they recommend to others.

We are in the peak season for hosting events to bring in new clients. These events will help you keep in touch with past clients and keep you on your toes when they need a real estate agent again.

There are a few events to build and maintain a client network.

Turn your open houses into barbeques

While the cookie and dessert trays are a beloved staple of open houses, summer is the time to take advantage of the gorgeous outdoor weather and shake the routine up a little. Hosting a barbeque during an open house is a great way to turn a regular repeated occurrence into a fun event to excite potential buyers and leave a lasting impression, as well as attract a new crowd who may usually skip out. This is also a great way to showcase the backyard features of a listing and give potential buyers a better peek at how they would be living if they bought the house.

Sponsor a local community event

Time and time again seasoned agents emphasize that community involvement is an essential part of brand building and lead generation in real estate. There’s no better way to get yourself out in the community than to sponsor a community-run event in your town or city. This could range from a concert, food or drink festival, craft fair, carnival, charity fundraiser or more–anything that you can contribute to and help with to get your name in the marketing and be a present feature in the event.

Do you want to go the additional mile? Instead of just contributing to an existing event, start your own annual community event. It will definitely increase your marketing.

Host a summer maintenance educational session

Summer maintenance is so important to homeownership, although not a lot of homeowners will know what to do or the best ways to do it. This is where you step in to show them the way! Education may not sound fun, but there’s plenty of ways to turn this idea into a must-attend event. You could run competitions and games that play into the education, and offer exciting prizes. Don’t forget food, the best way to a client’s heart! This idea is a great way to connect with potential sellers, keep in contact with past clients and maybe even attract home renters who want to be buyers in the near future.

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