FourKites Receives 2023 Gartner Marketing and Communications Award for Thought Leadership and Data-Rich Insights

by Jacob Solomon Jun 7, 2023 News
FourKites Receives 2023 Gartner Marketing and Communications Award for Thought Leadership and Data-Rich Insights


FourKites received a marketing and communications award.

Supply Chain Leader was Recognized for Excellence in Reputation and Thought Leadership.
Supply Chain Leader was Recognized for Excellence in Reputation and Thought Leadership.

FourKites won the award for excellence in reputation and thought leadership in the marketing and communications category. FourKites was selected for its use of real-time data and dissemination of strong executive perspective throughout the supply chain disruptions of 2022, providing much-needed analysis and insights.

FourKites used its market-leading repository of high-quality global supply chain data to provide businesses, consumers, media and analysts with up-to-the-minute perspectives of developing events. As a provider of real-time supply chain visibility for more than 1,200 of the world's largest global brands, FourKites uses insights from over 3 million global shipments a day to fill the void of trade and shipping data.

Leading news organizations and customers look to us as the go to resource for real-time supply-chain insights. The award underscores our commitment to provide ever better and deeper information to help companies understand developing issues with their supply chains, take immediate action, and enable their operations to excel.

The communications award winners were notable for their use of data to inform decision making and their relentless use of data, according to the report.

News reporters, analysts and consumers used these insights. The interest in and concern over supply chains increased as FourKites' readership increased. FourKites data and insights were included in more than 500 news stories. International news outlets include NBC News and others.

FourKites has earned praise for the quality of its data and maturity of its end-to-end, multimodal platform that connects the global supply chains of half of the Fortune 500.

Customers are talking about the data quality of FourKites.

FourKites has allowed us to drive more efficient ways. Operational gains in tracking, alerts that enable us to be more proactive, and better quality of data are some of the things we enjoy about the product.

FourKites is a tracking solution that works. The customer experience is as good as they can get with this tool. The quality of the insights provided is what I enjoy most about FourKites.

Data Science and analytic tools give insights that are not visible easily.

Visibility that our supply chain has never had before is being brought by FourKites. Aggregate data provided by FourKites unlocks control tower capability as a result of the notifications for delivery and real-time predictive ETAs. The retail industry says that the real-time, predictive nature of ETAs is game changing.

FourKites is one of a dozen companies that have been honored in the marketing and communications awards.

FourKites is a leading global supply chain visibility platform. FourKites tracks more than 3 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel and last mile and reaches over 200 countries and territories. Nine of the top 10 consumer packaged goods companies and 18 of the top 20 food and beverage companies trust FourKites to transform their business. Visit to learn more

Marianna Vyridi is the media contact for Big Valley Marketing.


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