India International Brand Summit 2023 Brings Together Top Brands, Agencies, and Marketing Leaders

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2023 News
India International Brand Summit 2023 Brings Together Top Brands, Agencies, and Marketing Leaders

India International Brand Summit 2023

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The 3rd edition of the India International Brand Summit was held at ITC Maurya in New Delhi and brought together industry stalwarts and advertising professionals.

Major advertising agencies such as Magnon Group, eg+ Worldwide, and TBWA India were involved in the event. The growth agenda for the companies and individuals in the months and years to come was the main focus of the event.

The goal of the summit was to adapt marketing narratives to shifting dynamics and capture fleeting consumer attention. The panel featured a number of distinguished speakers, including Praveen Rao, the Director of Marketing, SAP, and the Marketing Head of India Region, HMD Global.

The second panel focused on the topic of "building B2C brands for a global audience: localisation for a hyper connected world".

There was a discussion about the integration challenge for the contemporary marketer. The speakers on the panel were Archana Aggarwal, Ranjeev Vij, Jonathan Leck, and Nitin Naresh.

Marketers and advertisers are in a constant state of change. No matter how quickly we adapt, the market always has more to offer. The founder and CEO of Magnon Group said that they instantly recognized the significance of being a part of the event.

The event was organized by talentrack The event was supported by a number of organizations. Over 350 people actively participated in the summit and it was a lively environment.

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