DSRUPT Engaged by NuGen Medical for Online Marketing

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 7, 2023 News
DSRUPT Engaged by NuGen Medical for Online Marketing

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NuGen Medical Devices Inc. has engaged Dsrupt Media Inc.

InsuJet is sold in 42 countries.

DSRUPT was drawn to the talent of young, hungry, data-driven marketers and brand owners with a deep knowledge of e- commerce. DSRUPT helped scale more than 10 brands to millions of dollars in revenue in a single year. We became aligned in our approach on how to grow sales of InsuJet and we engaged our partnership as we drive forward in the years to come.

In the last year, our ads have driven over 450 million views and $85 million in revenue for the brands we've worked with. As we look to drive sales and brand awareness for InsuJet, we are happy to work with Richard and the NuGen team.

In order to increase product education, brand awareness, and deliver sales, NuGen and DSRUPT will look to create highly engaging content that breaks through the noise and captures the attention of consumers.

NuGen would like to begin B2C sales in the United Kingdom, France and Spain where InsuJet is approved for sale as a medical device.

DSRUPT has something to say about it.

Dsrupt Media is a direct to consumer marketing company. Dsrupt productions, Dsrupt paid media, Dsrupt performance and Dsrupt brands are part of the company. DsruptProductions produced and executed over 20 commercials for some of the top e-commerce companies in the world. Customer acquisition is the focus of Dsrupt Paid Media. Direct-response performance ads are created by Dsrupt Performance. Creative strategists, copywriters, creators, editors, and data analysts are part of the performance team. DSRUPT has a portfolio of direct to consumer brands in the health and beauty space. DSRUPT has helped to drive over $85,000,000 in revenue for its partners and over 450 million views across their campaigns in the last year and a half.

NuGen has something to say about it.

The next generation of needle-free technologies is being developed by NuGen Medical Devices Inc. The InsuJet and PetJet systems are designed to improve the lives of millions of people and animals. Canada is one of the countries where NuGen is approved. Diabetes, veterinary medicine, and vaccines are some of the important fields that NuGen's products can be used in.

Please visit for further information.

The websites are www.insujet.com and www.nugenmd.

You can follow NuGenMD on social media.

NuGenMD has a verified account on the social media site.

Nugenmd is a company onlinkedin.com.

Please contact us if you need further information.

Tony Di Benedetto is the executive chairman.

Tony is atnugenmd.com.

Richard Buzbuzian is the President and CEO of the company.

Richard is atnugenmd.com.

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