Gen Z is “pushing the boundaries on tradition” when it comes to wedding planning

by Anna Munhin Jun 7, 2023 News
Gen Z is “pushing the boundaries on tradition” when it comes to wedding planning

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The Global Wedding Report was compiled from more than 25,000 responses.

While couples still embrace traditions, they are finding new ways to highlight their individuality. Throwing music festival-esque weddings, incorporating pets into ceremonies, and getting matching tattoos are among the new wedding practices around the world. The average age of marriage in Western Europe is 35 years old.

Jenny Lewis, president and CMO of The Knot, told Marketing Brew that Gen Z couples in particular are personalizing their weddings to "represent what is authentic to them" She said that it was important for marketers to be on their toes so that they could speak to their customers both today and tomorrow.

The "guest experience" has become an important area of focus for couples planning a wedding. Favors are playing a bigger role and guests are willing to spend more traveling to weddings than they were before.

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The Knot takes into account Gen Z's tech savvy as it markets to this demographic. The generation that has grown up with phones is this one. They've been on social media for a long time. She said that their expectations for technology are high.

Interest in Pinterest

The Knot brought in $400 million in revenue last year and is focused on social media. Lewis said that a lot of newly engaged couples go to find inspiration for their own weddings on the board.

She said that a lot of the work the team does on there is using their own photos, videos, content and publishing it through their editorial accounts. The Knot has mostly been organic, but hasabbled a little bit in paid.

Say cheese!

Lewis said that The Knot has a robust influencer program. The Knot has worked with some of the show's stars.

Occasionally, we bring some of ourinfluencers together to learn from wedding pros in their area. She said that they engage them for social collaboration. In the past, we have collaborated with some of the most influential people on the internet.

Beep boop

The Knot has been using artificial intelligence. She said that the brand has used the tech to create content for paid media.

Lewis said that they are in the test and learn phase. "Obviously, it is a very buzzy topic, and we see such upside for it to help us be smarter, faster, better marketers, but we're still in the early days of learning all that is possible."