DMG debuts new downtown Cincinnati HQ at the Foundry

by Lindsey Francy Jun 6, 2023 News
DMG debuts new downtown Cincinnati HQ at the Foundry

One of Greater Cincinnati's largest private companies is moving into its new headquarters in downtown Cincinnati and bringing its divided employee base under one roof.

Divisions Maintenance Group moved most of its employees to its headquarters at the Foundry on June 5. On June 12th, the remaining employees will move into the space.

The building that used to house Macy's is being redeveloped by the Cincinnati Center City Development Corp. The headquarters plays into that history as well as creating an office that is unique to its company roots and nearly 600 employees that will work there.

Take a look at the photos above.

The headquarters of DMG is on the third floor. There is a central hallway lined with smaller offices and meeting rooms on the middle floor.

There are 15 different neighborhoods named after different neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati. The neighborhoods were named to help orient the employees. The employee cafe overlooking Fountain Square is called the Fountain Square Cafe.

There are sit/stand desks in all the neighborhoods. There are a lot of lockers at the headquarters.

Alexandria, where DMG was founded, is one of the neighborhoods named.

DMG has polished concrete floors, huge windows, and original concrete pillars from the former Fountain Place building.

The center of the headquarters is where Macy's used to be. DMG has turned the Macy's escalator into a floating staircase. There is a staircase connecting the second and third floors. The light fixture is referred to by DMG as the "light geyser" because of its explosion of energy. The eye of a storm is depicted in DMG's work.

One of Greater Cincinnati's largest private companies is DMG, which brought in $505 million in revenue in 2011.

DMG's employees were split between three different buildings before moving to the Foundry. The move opens the door for further collaboration.

Hannah said it was exciting to bring everyone together.

The office space is fully leased. Turner Construction Co. is one of the Office tenants.