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The innovative cloud company is supported by the agency's bold strategy and creative approach.

Catalyst Marketing is a direct mail marketing company.

Catalyst, an award-winning creative marketing agency, and Backblaze, Inc., the leading specialized storage cloud platform, announce a new collaboration to market the Backblaze partner program's unique benefits and work to increase Backblaze's brand awareness and market share.

Over half a million customers worldwide trust Backblaze to manage three exabytes of data storage. Catalyst is developing messaging, content strategy, and both external and internal assets that support Backblaze's Market To and Market Through strategies to further drive the company's partner programs.

The goal is to show how the company works with key technical partners to create solutions that help leading brands achieve business objectives and adapt to changing data needs. The program will continue with the help of key selling partners such as CDW.

Catalyst is our agency partner. Our team continues to impress them with their strategic thinking, creative ideas, and expertise in cloud and partner marketing. Mary Ellen Cavanagh is Backblaze's Senior Partner Marketing Manager. They feel like part of our team.

Catalyst is helping to develop marketing and communication materials as well as a robust library of resources, including video assets for use with channel and technology partners, as part of Backblaze's partner program. The approach to getting partners excited about working with Backblaze is the main reason for this.

It is a win for Backblaze, their channel partners, and the end users, and it is also a win for Catalyst. Catalyst's Strategy Director Hugh Firebaugh said that working together will bring growth. Backblaze will be elevated to the next level and how partner programs are marketed will be improved.

You can find more on Backblaze at:

It's about Catalyst.

Catalyst is an award winning agency that helps you reach your most audacious marketing goals. We are here to give you the strategy and unexpected creative direction you need to capture the attention of your customers. Our team is based in Denver and they know how to come up with innovative ideas.

There is a story about backblaze.

It's easy to store, use, and protect data thanks to Backblaze. Businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals can use the Backblaze Storage Cloud to build applications, host content, manage media, back up and archive data. The company works with over half a million customers in over 175 countries. The company was founded in 2007. Go to to learn more.

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catalyst creates marketing campaign forblaze partner program

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