Marketing Powerhouse Peter Tardif Joins Videoquant, Inc. Advisory Team, Follows News of Former Tripadvisor CEO & Co-Founder Joining

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 6, 2023 News
Marketing Powerhouse Peter Tardif Joins Videoquant, Inc. Advisory Team, Follows News of Former Tripadvisor CEO & Co-Founder Joining

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Bolsters Boston-based startup's mission is to transform TV commercial and social video content production.

Peter Tardif has joined the advisory team. Tardif has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the world, including Vistaprint, Drizly, and Time Life.

Tardif is renowned for driving significant growth in online sales with Direct Response Television. Tim D'Auria, founder and CEO of Videoquant, said that his expertise in video and TV marketing would be vital to the mission.

Videoquant's proprietary technology was used to identify Tardif during a Fortune 500 pilot study. Mr. D'Auria was surprised to learn that Peter was behind the efforts.

Videoquant provides a solution to traditional methods' drawbacks, including limitations of surveys, panels, focus groups, and A/B testing. Companies can anticipate video concepts' performance outcomes before investing and early in production with their statistical technology. The startup has demonstrated the efficiency of its technology in a recent pilot, where it successfully forecasted video ad performance, indicating potential savings of approximately $2.4 million for every $10 million spent on TV and video marketing

Tardif is excited to join the advisory team at Videoquant. Their ground-breaking methodology in ideating video content is poised to change the industry. I want to add value to their journey of success. Businesses can use Videoquant's proprietary technology to develop more effective video marketing content. Additional Fortune 500 brands are being added to the portfolio.

Timothy D'Auria is the CEO and founder of Videoquant Inc.

The person is 347125@email4 PR.

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