IMC Teams With Global CMO Council to Further Marketing

by Lindsey Francy Jun 6, 2023 News
IMC Teams With Global CMO Council to Further Marketing

The Integrated Marketing Council of South Africa has announced it will partner with the global CMO Council to extend the relevance of its upcoming Nedbank IMC Conference to be staged live.

More than 16,000 chief marketing executives are members of the Chief Marketing Officer Council. Leadership in marketing innovation and digital transformation is required for membership.

The CMO Council is a hub for high-level networking, thought leadership and knowledge transfer among marketing professionals worldwide.

Dale Hefer, CEO of the IMC said that the partnership with the CMO Council marks the coming of age for the Nedbank IMC. The goal from the beginning was to position marketing as a business discipline and to drive the idea that marketing is a board-worthy discipline. The willingness of the council to partner with us shows that we are on track.

The European Head of the CMO will give a virtual talk on the changing role of the CMO at the Nedbank IMC. Oberlander has held a number of senior marketing and regional leadership positions in his career.

The Nedbank IMC is being promoted by the Council given the alignment of both organizations, according to the founder and CEO. The CMO Council wants to build upon marketing's intellectual capital. Nedbank IMC is interested in the role of marketing in shaping markets.

The Nedbank IMC is a one-day event that will take place at Urban Brew Studios in South Africa. The option is online.

You can find more information at www.imc

The annual Nedbank IMC Conference is Africa's foremost Integrated Marketing Conference. The Integrated Marketing Council believes that marketing should be on the board of directors. More CMOs, senior marketers and agency leaders are attending this conference than any other in Africa and it's relevant to anyone in the business of communication.

The conference is known for its hard hitting global agenda with no sales pitches.

The Nedbank IMC Conference will be held in person or online in September of 2023. The Nedbank IMC is presented in association with a number of organizations, including the IAB. The theme for the year is 'Marketing.' It's relevant to everyone in the business of communication.

The Chief Marketing Officer Council is a global network of executives dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers. Approximately $1 trillion in aggregated annual marketing expenditures are controlled by the 16,000-plus members of the CMO Council. More than 65,000 global executives are members of the strategic interest communities of the CMO Council. You can find more information on the website www.

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