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by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 6, 2023 News
B Test Your Way to Successful Organic Facebook Content : Social Media Examiner

Do you know which types of posts your fans and followers enjoy the most? Are you looking for a way to experiment with organic content on Facebook?

You will learn how to A/B test organic Facebook content using native Meta tools so you can create better content that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

How to A/B Test Your Way to Successful Organic Facebook Content by Social Media Examiner

You can get a lot of information about how your content is performing. Meta Business Suite can show you how many people see your posts. More of the types of posts that get great results can be created with this data.

It is not possible to tell you why some posts do well and others do not. As a social media marketer, you end up making a lot of educated guesses about the ideal positioning and creative for your audience.

A lot of the uncertainty can be taken out of the process with split tests. You can more reliably determine which posts perform best with your target audience when you test them against each other.


Different versions of your content can be delivered through a/B tests. It is easy to see what made the winning post perform so well since each version is the same.

The winning content in an A/B test can be determined by metrics. You can use the metrics that matter most to your team as you improve your Facebook content strategy.

An A/B testing tool has been offered by Meta for a long time.


The platform now allows split tests for organic content on both Business Suite and Facebook pages. You can test the organic Facebook content for your marketing campaign and get answers to questions.

What is the best video format for my followers?

Is it a good idea to put a link in the caption of an image.

Do my audience respond to link posts or not?

Do followers react to text posts or do they only react to creative posts?

Is there a better way to format my caption. Line breaks should be included.

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Business Suite can be used to compare Facebook posts and give you more control over the test. Business Suite has a number of different ways to do A/B tests.

Click the create post button if you want to split-test feed posts. Make sure that you only post to your Facebook page, not to your other social media accounts. You will see an alert if you attempt to cross post to both.


The A/B testing tool can be launched by clicking the experiment icon. You need to create the A version of your post. Only text, link, and image posts can be tested. If you would like to include more than one video in your A/B test, use one of the other workflows below.

Business Suite will prompt you to compare against each other. You can modify version A if you click the Add New Version button.


It's possible to create completely different formats to test against each other. You can compare how link shares compare to text posts and images in a single test.

When testing one variable at a time, you will get the most useful results. Pick a single variable to test instead of changing the copy and creativity. The image post is compared to a link post.

Click the Save button to return to the Business Suite composer after setting up all of the test versions. You can choose between the different versions to see how they look in the feed. You can change any of the test versions in the post details panel.


You can save the posts if you review all of the A/B test versions. It will show up on the A/B Tests tab regardless of which option you choose. The winning post can be found on this tab.

Do you want to know how the video thumbnail affects the post? Start by uploading a video to the post composer. Write a caption for the video

You can test up to four video thumbnail by scrolling down to the thumbnail picker. Select up to four options. A, B, C, and D will be labeled automatically.


Business Suite will prompt you to choose one of the suggestions, but you can also manually choose video frames. You can pick from any combination of suggestions.


Proceed with the rest of the post if you selected all of the thumbnail you wanted to test. You won't be able to use Meta's video optimization tools when testing thumbnail images. You can either manually or auto-generated the caption.

You won't be able to save the post as a draft or schedule it for later if you choose to A/B test video thumbnail. The only way to do that is to publish the post. You can see the results on the A/B tests tab.

You can start an experiment from the A/B Tests tab. Click the A/B Test button if you want to create a test.


Pick a format for each version. If you compare video posts against each other, you will be able to A/B test video posts. You can choose from a mix of image, link, and text posts if you want to compare them.


Write a caption for each version. When you stick to one test variable, you will get the most useful results. Referring to the same caption for each post is a good way to compare post types.

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If you want to choose a default version, click the Default box. Business Suite will deliver the post you pick as the default if the A/B test results in a tie.


The rest of the settings can be configured by clicking the next button. Give the A/B test a recognizable name and write an optional description in order to remember what you're testing.

Pick the way you want Business Suite to decide the winner. The version with the most reactions wins. You can change the key metric and the time period. Business Suite gives you five metrics to choose from and allows you to test for up to 24 hours.


If you review all of the settings, you can choose to publish right away, schedule for later, or save as a draft. The A/B Tests tab should be checked when the test is over.

Business Suite is the most efficient way to split-test organic Facebook content. If you have access to Facebook, you can switch to your page and set up an A/B test.

There is a problem. Facebook page A/B testing is all about video. Business Suite is the best way to experiment with image, link, or text posts.

You can start by going to the professional dashboard on your Facebook page. The A/B Tests option can be found in the left hand menu. The A/B Test button can be found in the upper right corner. The A/B test needs to be built first.


Up to four different creatives can be uploaded to test. You can experiment with a variety of factors. By scrolling through the options, choose a thumbnail for each. Give each version a title and description.

The variables that are different between the two versions of the experiment are listed on the A/B test panel. The number of variables you are testing can be tracked using these tags. If you see more than one listed, review the test versions to make sure they work.


When you are done configuring the test settings, click next. The A/B test requires a name and description. Pick the metric you want to measure. You can choose from a number of metrics to compare video results.


It's time to decide on a test duration. During the test, Facebook divides your audience into two, three, or four segments to see how each version performs.


You should run the test for a long time to get conclusive results. You don't want to run it so long that you have to deliver less-optimal versions of the post. 30 minutes or an hour is a good amount of time for A/B tests.

It's important to choose a default version. If the test doesn't produce conclusive results, Facebook will automatically publish the post version you picked to your page and send it to your audience's feeds. You can manually change the post that's published.

You can split test video on posts on your Facebook page. When you edit a video post, you will be able to test different thumbnail sizes. This option doesn't seem to work as the A/B test doesn't appear on the dashboard. If you want to avoid A/B tests after publishing, set them up from the beginning.


Current tests and past results can be reviewed from the same dashboard. You can see the results of the A/B tests you set up in Creator studio.

Go to the A/B tests panel to access the dashboard. Clicking the View Results button next to any test will lead you to this panel. There is a full list of split-tests here.


You can see the status of the A/B tests from the main dashboard. The primary metric used to determine the winner, when the test ended, and the number of posts it included, can be seen.

You can see the full details of the split-test by selecting it. You can see the differences between the versions by scrolling down.


Key metrics for each post can be evaluated along with the content type, caption, creative, and URL. You can see how the test versions compare to each other. This dashboard shows view metrics and in-stream ad earnings if you test video assets.


You can get a better idea of what drives the outcomes your team wants to achieve by comparing the test versions side by side. You could have used reach as the key metric for the A/B test. It is possible that the test version with the least reactions drove the most clicks to your website.

You can use the differences between the test versions to guide your strategy. You can increase the amount of content that maximizes reach and clicks.

Business Suite will declare a winner based on the key metric you choose. You can change the post you publish to your Facebook page. Select a different version of the post from the drop-down menu.


Meta's A/B testing options are useful for marketers. With this data, marketers can identify top-performing content so they can improve their Facebook marketing strategy.

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  Web 3 for Beginners

Curious about Web3, but don't know where to start or who to trust? Introducing Web3 for Beginners, a course taught by Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner.

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