How to get more leads from your website with Adam Sinkus

by Jacob Solomon Jun 6, 2023 News
How to get more leads from your website with Adam Sinkus

Adam Sinkus and I talk about how to get more leads from your website.

Key information you may be missing from your current website, and suggestions and strategies to maximize your pages, marketing strategy, and overall lead generation are also shared by him.

Adam is the one who gets to the bottom of a challenge. He has over a decade of experience in marketing, operations, customer journeys, and training. Some of the largest companies in the US in technology, health insurance, transportation, and logistics have worked with Adam.

Adam gives tips to listen to.

  • [2:00] Why your website needs constant attention
  • [5:35] How to improve leads to and from your website
  • [7:15] The power of having clear CTAs
  • [10:40] Creating “secondary calls to action” on your site
  • [13:25] Marketing strategies you can develop from have a website, including targeted ads
  • [14:10] Creating a look-alike audience
  • [17:05] Adam’s book review
  • [20:20] Focusing on your website visitor 
  • [25:05] Designing an easy client experience on your website
  • [29:20] Organizing the information on your website
  • [30:15] One big takeaway to implement right away

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Thanks a lot for having me on. My name is Adam Sinis and I am the managing partner of a purpose partnership where we help companies with everything from branding to marketing websites and everything in-between. We can assist you with that.

I'm excited to talk about websites.

Adam, thank you for being here. We spent a lot of time talking about theory and other stuff, but today we are going to dig into more tactics that we were talking about before we started recording. We are going to talk about leads, because that is a million dollar question.

The topic of the show is how to get more visitors to your website. We are not going to just talk about leads in general because there are many other ways to get leads. I want to reinforce this idea as quickly as possible. Online is not your whole marketing strategy.

Networking, going to events, all that other stuff should be done offline. That small caveat sort of set aside. We are going to discuss websites. Thanks so much for being here.

This is going to be a great discussion. I like to dig into websites like the small ones.

Adam is absolutely right. It's true. It's interesting because people think that if I put my website up there, I can set it, forget it, and I can do all the other things. It requires constant attention and is just like everything we do in marketing.


Adam knows.

I had a client who we did their site two or three years ago and there was some update, something happened and her husband is their IT person and he email me and he said, "I don't understand how this happened."

It should be there for a long time. If you aren't a website person, that's a legitimate question It is similar to driving a car, like I just want my car to work. I could be at a stoplight and my transmission wouldn't work.

I don't like that. I just wanted to do something. Let's ask that first. I am going to make you pay for that one. What's the reason? That isn't the case.

There are a couple things at play. I tell people that it is your favorite toddler. They like shiny new things and new things to look at. When you set it and forget it with your website, it gets set and forgotten by the internet search engine.

It's the part that's hard to forget.

Adam is especially fond of forgetting.

Constant security updates are the other piece of the puzzle. Most people are using the same software to build websites as they are to host them. There are constant updates for both security and function. It helps your site run faster as well. We need to address that.

We like to say that all those updates happen perfect, sometimes they don't.

They don't

Exactly, that's right.

Adam, are you aware? You have to be on top of that to make sure that the function of your site is what you want it to be.

The analogy I usually use is that it is similar to the app on your phone. We have all gone through the process of having a phone where you know there is an update, but you don't do it, and then the app doesn't work.

It's the same thing. There are different reasons for those changes. It could be a bug or a security issue. They're going to break if you don't update them. Sometimes when you do update it, there will be something that doesn't work with another thing and you have to fix it.

Adam: Absolutely. Content is the last piece that we forget about. Content on your website needs to be fresh and current. It should change constantly. As time goes on, you should add more to it. We talked about the fact that it is a toddler and that it likes shiny new things.

That is a large part of the thing.

It's okay. There needs to be an update to the website. You need to be in there doing things, keeping it, healthy and functioning and doing all that other stuff, but you need someone to help you do that. We have a website but it is just sitting there.

We just launched the site a couple of weeks ago.

What is the first thing you would recommend to your clients so that they can get a lead from that website?

One of the first things you should do is get your business profile updated and represent the same information on your website. Get your Bing business profile updated the same way as your social ones.

Bing is being added in there. I feel like that is a special tip or trick. You mentioned Bing, why?

Adam thinks it's all about directories. There is a search engine called "google." A website that is up to date and credible is what the internet search engine is looking for. When Bing is considered a high authority, the more places you are listed as a business, the more credible the search engine is.

The local Chamber of Commerce directory is smaller than a high authority directory.

It's alright. It is a good place to be listed because it gives you more confidence.

Adam is absolutely correct. Yes, that's right. You don't have to, you don't have to change it. Most of my clients get it set up and we check it every six months to make sure it's still relevant and the phone numbers are correct. We don't do much with it

Being listed there is crucial.

It's okay. It's awesome. So, the first thing you need to do is get your business profile up and running. The same things are said on your website.

From the get go, what should people be doing to focus on leads?

Adam: Absolutely. Creating calls to action.

Let's slow that one down for a second.

Adam knows.

You are counsel-cast_ep93-adam-sinkus_karin_conroy-n74ganget.

It is not happening on a lot of attorney websites. People don't want to come across as salesy or anything. Let's discuss. Number one and the different types of calls to action.

Adam is absolutely right. I agree. First of all, call to action means that I am asking you as a visitor to my website or my social to take an action that will provide me with a chance to contact you directly. You're correct. A lot of people look at that and think it is salesy.

It doesn't have to be selling. I.

How can I see some examples?

Most of the calls to action that I use on my websites come down to the beginning of the funnel. Let's give away something for free, a free guide, a free one page, a free 15 page e-book on fill in the blank.

That leads to them getting into your email list. You now have an engaged audience that you can sell to.

It's right.

I would like to know if they don't want to do an email list.

Yes, Adam. It's absolutely true. You can get a free consultation. I enjoy that one.

It was Karin who said in.

It's popular with most lawyers as well. Either a free consultation or one. If that doesn't work for you, you can take the word out. When you contact us for a consultation, you will either get a calendar link or a link to your contact page.

Adam is absolutely right. Yes, that's right. Either way, that's the way it goes. It works either way. It's more concrete for people if you run it to a calendar page. When people know that I am giving this information, they are more likely to give it to me so that I can schedule an appointment.

Well, that's right.

That's right, so.

That seems to make sense. Are I going to get a bunch of junk mail if I sign up for the email list? If you have a really good freebie, people are asking about it a lot, and you have really focused on it.

A lot of people are hesitant about giving out their email. It is a good point to give that calendar as the other option if they are like me.

Need to speak to someone. To set this up with you.

Adam is absolutely right.

If you want to build that into your schedule, you need to plan an hour or two hours a day where you can work.

It is a little more manageable because you are not like opening up all the time.

I'm available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4.

It's exactly what she said. A lot of things I talk about are not talked about a lot.

Secondary calls to action are made. If you are a divorce lawyer and people are coming to your site, and they are just thinking about divorce, then it is possible that it isn't. It is possible that it will happen six months from now or in the future.

They are not ready for that initial call to action. Today, they don't want to do that. So then what? How do you plan for that and how do you keep in touch with that lead?

What do you think about that?

Yes, Adam. How can we get them to read a newsletter about something that they care about? How can we get them to sign up for a newsletter that talks about divorce and what to do after that? Number two is where you can give them a free guide.

We discussed that. Creating articles that are relevant to that topic with that kind of secondary is not really a pitch of my services. It's right. Experts solve for this.

It is important that you are not pitching. You are not selling too much. Are you ready to purchase a car? Are you ready to purchase? It's the other high quality sales people that we've all come across in situations where we feel comfortable.

You don't want to get away from me. They really understand. They know that this isn't likely to happen today, but I want to keep in touch with all of that. It is important to know that people are at different points in their relationship with your firm.

Most people will be ready today, so if you are missing out on that call to action, you are missing out on a lot of leads.

It's true. They will click on my services and buy it if I get them there. Well, right, know? Most people take seven to 10 touches before they make a purchase. It is necessary for you to get them there at least six more times before they will buy from you.

We have to create opportunities for them to come back.

Do you recommend doing retargeting ads where people have come to your website? They're over and everyone has seen this. You go to a website, then you go to Facebook, and you see ads for shoes that you were just looking at.

Do you think it's a good idea to recommend things like that?

There are two ways to look at it. Retargeting ads is the first thing. You have someone that has been to your website or someone that fits a persona that has been to your website.

They tend to be more engaged.

There is a potential lead at that time.

The other one has people who look like them. That is sort of another strategy off of retargeting.

What is that? Most people don't know what that is

The idea of an audience is to stand in front of a mirror. What you see in the mirror is what the audience looks like. It's all the people that share the same characteristics, the same demographic, and the same web habits.

It creates an entirely new audience for you, but it is built on what you already participate in.

Where do you know the answer to this?

Where do you see them, and how do you do that?

It is the most effective way to build those look like audiences on the social networks.

It was around for a while and it was kind of an artificial intelligence thing before it became a thing. When our clients are doing that, they create a campaign and then it gives them the option to create a similar campaign to this one.

All of the people in this first group have given us this information. It took a lot of work, you know, they had to go to your website, they had to click at least once, and then they had to also be cross-referenced over here into Facebook or other social media sites.

We are going to look for other people like that. Yes, please. Go do that for me. It is a powerful way to increase your audience for your ads. That is a good suggestion. It's okay.

Is there anything else on the website that people might not be thinking about?

Adam's friend Jay Bear. He doesn't preach hype. It's right. The simple philosophy that we put out into the world should be about helping our target audience.

Adam doesn't say who we are or what we do.

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!

That's right, so. If you haven't already seen, we have a library of all the books that our guests have recommended on the website and it's a great resource for good.

The guests can only do one book at a time, so they need to pick a good one. If you check out those books, you will see that they reference the show. There is a reason that that is a good book. That ties into what we were discussing. When you mentioned Jay Bear, what's the book you're going to recommend and what's going to be added to the library, you also mentioned that we're adding to the library.

We're at it's utility. Smart marketing is not about hype. It definitely is. We need to build the foundations of how we can help our audience be better. That is the sleazy used car salesman.

I have it for you, that's what I have for you. Yes, right? Everyone leaves, no.

Yes, yes, yes, yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yes, counsel-cast_ep93-adam-sinkus_karin_conroy-n74ganget_cfr-synced.

Adam, right. You, that's right.

I don't want to work with you because you're not talking to me about what I need.

Adam is absolutely correct. It's absolutely true. He builds through a number of different strategies. He talks about self-service information in the book. Is it possible to help myself as a consumer.

How is this relevant to me right now?

The person is either the seller or the one who is selling.

Adam is the consumer

Awesome. A lot of firms get this wrong and they lead, you know, if you picture the front of a website, the very front page and the mainheader section and that big first impression message,

They talked about themselves. It's not about how they can solve the problem. It isn't about that client. They are going to click on us because we are such and such law firm in such and such city. It doesn't work It seems like a multi-step process, but if your message doesn't work, forget everything else.

If you have spent a lot of money on advertising on your website and you know all of the other things, forget it. It was like a waste. You are spinning your wheels with all of these other things because you have the worst foundation.

Firms come to me and say that things don't work. It does. If you do it, it does.

Adam agrees.

That sounds like a really good book. We will link to the book and add the kind of comments about the book on the show notes so that people can see that.

Talk about why it's important to focus on the visitor.

Yes, Adam. It's true. I'm going to circumvent this. Start with the head of the page. The number one myth that most websites have is that they come, they talk about themselves as consumers. First, what I want to see.

There is a piece of the internet. I have about three seconds to decide if I am going to read further or not. I would like to know how you solve my problem.

Adam is interested in reading more. Yes, right? Is it really that important? That is where we have to take a break. It is not about me as a business leader or owner.

Adam says it's about them. If I'm the average consumer of my product, how much do I know about it? The average consumer is in the case of legal and law firms.

It's very basic.

Knowledge of this? So, you.

It's known.

They don't need to go to law school to solve their problem, that's the reason they're looking for you. You did that because of that.

Adam: Exactly. How do I make it so that someone with a basic knowledge can help me solve their problem?

Is that problem relevant? Are you aware? It's like I had a conversation with a client a week ago.

He said he was so excited. I ranked my company name first. I think I'm good.

It's awesome. That is really great.

Adam, right.

Are they looking for something?

I was going to ask that next question. I asked if anyone else was looking for that besides you and your.

Your yes is exactly. It's true.

He got wide-eyed and the light bulb turned on and he was like, oh, I get it now. It's right.

Are you aware?

I spent a lot of time on that, but once again, I feel like the problem is ego. That is a kind of ego exercise. I want to see my name when I look up it on the internet. Is that related to your customer or your client?

It is not possible to say yes. This is not the way you are going to make money or get leads.

Adam is absolutely right. We can get you rankings in 30 days and we can get you a lot of leads in 30 days.

pitches If we lead with value, we can build a foundation around our consumers.

It isn't about today's leads. It will be a machine six months down the road, but we might have a few less leads today. New leads will be regenerated, more leads will be regenerated.

It's right. You don't want just a pile of leads because so many of those are going to be garbage if you find some of them in your inbox. It's a project to just look through and see if there is anything that you might want to follow up on.

Everything on your website is aligned with your brand and your position and what those leads are looking for when you change your message. The quality of the leads goes up as well because you can tell right away that this is the person that saw that message and that's why the leads went up so much.

I can tell when I'm on a sales call for myself. I can say that this is going to be a good one when I am done with this. We aren't going to cut this short. I'm not going to sit on this call for a while. We all have similar definitions of what makes a good client.

You need to if you don't. When they arrive, you should be able to tell. Okay.

This looks like it might be true. This is legit, and it looks like a quality lead that spent time on the site and was able to connect with them.

It's absolutely true. Spending time on the site is really interesting. I do a lot of research on user experience with websites.

If they spend time on the website, that ties into the leads and lead quality. It's right.

Adam: Absolutely. I want to know how easy it is for me to go from the page that I enter to the one that I turn into a customer.

That's great. They used to say that they should be able to get everywhere in three clicks. I think that is different now because you want them to spend some time over here and then do something else.

Nothing should be hard to understand. It shouldn't be difficult to find what they want. What are you going to say about the time on the site?

One of the things that is. We have to make sure that those clicks are intentional as they move through the site. The calls to action from the home page to the content that we want them to see have to be very intentional.

We don't want to have everything at the top of the page where they can click and not read. There's a menu at the top. It's great. Let's have some buttons that can be carried into a blog. Is it time to think about your blog?

How can I make it easier for them to read more? Is it possible for us to craft an intentional customer path? We were talking about your situation. A person is looking into divorce. They want to read more if I can make this experience where they hit the website.

Thinking about a divorce call to action, moving them to a couple, a blog about divorce, and this is, you know, the top five things I need to do if I decide to divorce. Yes, right? There are a couple of links in that that carry them to other things.

There's an opportunity for them to schedule a consultation or schedule at the bottom of that post.

Some action, that's what Karin is saying.

Adam asked if he should take some action. We have created a path where all of the websites that they touch should have a call to action. We created an opportunity where they could potentially spend up to 10 minutes on our site, and then we would go from there.

These people really know what they're talking about and they're going to.


It's as well. They are going to take care of me and they will get me as well because they are answering these questions. I like to think about it as if we travel a lot and I know I am on a great site when I visit. If I am on a travel site that is talking about a certain city and I am trying to decide on a hotel to stay at, that would be a good example.

I read an article and open all their links, and I am like, "Got, you know, so anytime" Imagine that kind of content, where you are giving all these resources, and you are trying to keep them around. It needs to be good.

If you say the same thing, they won't stick around. It's obvious that they could search for that.

You want to give them? They didn't think about links or information. If you can get them to open more than one tab in their browser, then you are good.

You have done a good job. Think about it that way.

Yes, Adam. How you organize the information is one of the things that you have to think about. Virtually every piece of information in the world can be found on the internet with the help of the search engine. You'll find it all if you search deep.

It's possible, according to Karin.

Adam, are you aware? Quality of content is important, but how you present and build the information is equally important.

It's like, I don't want to go and find that, but you were saying that, right? If they have provided that information, they have done all the research and presented it in a way that is easy to understand. It's possible to get to that. You are just kind of being a resource, you are being helpful, you are building trust, and all of that stuff.

What do you want people to learn from this show?

We have talked about a lot of great things.

There are a lot of really good things to look at. These shows are full of little tips and things that I imagine people would like, like with a little notepad writing down, okay, we gotta try this, we gotta do this, you know, and we gotta check this, this, and this.

It is not about the business owner, it is about the consumer, that is the biggest lesson we have learned. Everything you do should be done for the purpose of serving. The rest of it will come if you keep doing what you are doing.

There will be leads and traffic. Your online presence and website will start to show up.

It is sort of the answer. Everybody wants to talk about how to get more leads, but not everybody wants to hear it. There is an artificial intelligence that can do that for me. I can click a button that I accidentally turned off and then all of a sudden there is a golden ticket.

It is just going to happen at a moment's notice. The good ones are going to be analytical and they want to know what is in it for them. It's not going to happen if you lead with yourself and your ego.

All of these other tactics don't matter. That is important to me. That is the solid foundation that you need to start.

Yes, Adam. It's true. The reality is that you don't build marketing for today. Three months from now, you will start building marketing.

Adam is so.

Counsel-cast_ep93-adam-sinkus_karin_conroy-n74ganget: Yes.

If I fix these five things on my website today, I might get a few more leads today, but I need to build solid foundations that will help me grow leads for years to come.

That's right, Karin. That is the perfect place to end it all because it is wrapped up in a bow there. That's all. We are at the same time as we were talking about tactics and we said we weren't going to do theory and strategy. Without the strategy, you can't do those.

They go in opposite directions. The strategy is pointless if you don't do it. I am going to say that that show was a great one. A purpose partnership is managed by Adam Sinis. All of your social media will be linked to by us.

The idea of focusing on your clients and how you solve those problems is what the book talks about. The book is going to help with that. Thank you Adam, for being here. That was a great conversation.

Adam appreciates it. I would like to thank you for having me.