How Good Weird, a new genderless beauty brand, is courting Gen Zers

by Lindsey Francy Jun 5, 2023 News
How Good Weird, a new genderless beauty brand, is courting Gen Zers

It's good weird.

Good Weird joined the crowded beauty space earlier this year.

Jon Wormser co-founded the genderless brand that sells products that mix beauty and skin care.

Wormser, who held marketing roles at companies such as M&C Saatchi and The Fader before starting the company, said the idea for Good Weird came from a break. Wormser told us that he had a bad break. I was looking for a beauty solution and went to a beauty store looking for options, but didn't feel like they were made with me or my community in mind

Wormser and Yaseen wanted to create a brand that was genderless for Gen Z.

According to Wormser, stigmas exist regarding who can and can't use certain products. They wanted to call it Good Weird in order to make it a word that people will embrace.

Good Weird is trying to appeal to Gen Z with a marketing strategy that includes advertising across social channels, brand partnerships, and out-of- home advertising.

Get ready with me

The brand does both organic and paid advertising. He said that the two places where he wants his brand to show up in-feed are TikTok andInstagram.

On TikTok, the brand focuses on getting ready with me and a day in the life-style content, while its social media platform focuses on a mix of different posts.

The brand has partnerships with a lot of different people. River Hubbell and Shuang Bright are both featured on its accounts.

Some are designers. Some of them are skaters, some of them are musicians, some of them have a social presence. There are some that are more comedy focused. Some people are on the water. There is a mix of both paid and not paid. Some people are excited about the brand and post about it. Finding people that embody Good Weird is how we choose our paid influencer talent.

Good Weird brought on Gossip Girl actor Evan Mock as the brand's creative director and used his social presence as well.

He has helped in visibility by being a part of our team. When we first launched, it helped catch the attention of the public. He has posted a bit around Good Weird, but you will see a lot more as a creative director. He will be an important part of future campaigns, product drops, and how we think about our brand in the future.

NYC love affair

The brand is focused on creating partnerships in New York City, where it began.

Good Weird collaborated with Blank Street Coffee to promote its cold brew undereye product. Good Weird's products will be on display in Pop Up Grocer and Showfields. Traditional beauty buyers and brands are present in those places.

Posters with Good Weird products are featured in downtown Manhattan and across Brooklyn as it invests in out-of- home advertising. Wormser said that the majority of the time, they were focused on thinking about where Gen Z and millennials spent their time.

The brand may expand into live shopping through the platform SuperGreat in the future.

"As we continue to build on our social strategy, things will get a little bit more pointed, and more creatively inclined, but I think out of the gate, the intent was awareness and education."