Cairns Oneil Develops ChatGPT Powered Ad Unit

by Jacob Solomon Jun 5, 2023 News
Cairns Oneil Develops ChatGPT Powered Ad Unit

The industry's first powered ad unit will be created and launched by Cairns Oneil. The campaign used Artificial Intelligence in banner ads to generate andOptimise content.

Lindsay Gray is the director of marketing for the company. No two readers are the same, and we want our messaging to be tailored and personalized when we interact with our customers. The type of personalization that our reading experience delivers is offered by the ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence-driven technology from Cairns Oneil.

Robin LeGassicke is the Managing Director of digital Cairns Oneil. We were able to create a first of its kind ad unit and execution with the help of our ad tech partner.

It is important for brands to prioritize personalisation but it is difficult to do at scale. Advertisers can now enhance their campaigns using our DCO capabilities with the help of our partnership with the two online retailers.

The campaign has been out for a while. The Dynamic Creative Optimisation module ad server automatically creates ad units with the help of the chatGPT prompt. The units are being tested to see how well they perform against digital ads. The early results show that the units were created by the ChatGPT at a much higher rate than the base campaign. There are a lot of new opportunities for the brand and technology because of the automated process for generating additional content.