Basics on how to have a better LinkedIn Profile

by Anna Munhin Jun 5, 2023 News
Basics on how to have a better LinkedIn Profile

If you want to get a carrer branding job, you need to have a very attractive LinkedIn account.

My inbox during a hiring season

The migration of professionals from other areas is huge because of the booming IT professions. People talk about how hard it is to get their first chance.

There are some simple things you can do to get noticed. This step doesn't mean you can't improve your tech and non tech skills. I have decided to write some articles on the medium.

You can charge your portfolio with projects andAPIs.

A print of my linkedin message box can be seen in the entry photo. It's cool? In the job market, who wouldn't want to work for someone? It's important that I have experience time, but it's also important that the market of data professionals is still good. If something like this photo doesn't happen to you and you are an IT professional, it's either because you are out of date or you have the knowledge that the market needs but your profile is not attractive. There are some very simple tips for the second problem.

Know the Value of your Personal Brand on Linkedin

You can find your SSI by going to the website of the professional networking site, ssi. My one is below.

It was a bad thing that I was once in the top 1% as it meant that people with greater reach wouldn't interact with me. The score is based on 4 pillars and is detailed on the website.

Create Publications / Posts / Medium

Sell your fish and establish your brand by publishing. If you want to be seen, you need to create content. Show everyone what you know and learn by writing about it. You will be able to build an audience and understand what people like more or less to see when you write about certain topics. My audience is more interested in posts about careers abroad than technical posts. Is the technical content going to end? No, that's not true. I have an indicator of how to better interact with people and help the community.

Find people who might like your content or that you might like their content

Search engines can be used to find people for your network. I add a lot of data engineers because they might like my content better and I might like theirs as well. The street is two ways. Adding people who create ideas and opinions, as they can generate career and content insights, is a good way to keep you informed. If you can get their attention, that's great. It is possible to get a like or share from an important person in your area.

Engage with the network

Contribute to the community and become known by it by engaging in content relevant to your network or the activity you want to do. There is a lot of information on how to have an attractive profile on this network and how to find it.

And, I hope you already know:

If you want a job outside Brazil, have it in English, which makes it simpler.

Some Other Stuff I wrote:

New data engineers should be aware of several important concepts. I talked about data modelling, CDC, Idempotency, and the other topics.

I also have a series about python.

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