6 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips : Social Media Examiner

by Jacob Solomon Jun 5, 2023 News
6 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips : Social Media Examiner

Do you want to raise the bar on your marketing? Wondering how industry professionals make a difference?

Six marketing experts share their strategies for using social media in marketing campaigns.

6 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips by Social Media Examiner

Being a creator is only sustainable for a small percentage of Facebook business users. It isn't likely to work for most users, despite Facebook foisting its agenda on you to switch your personal profile to Professional Mode and crank out enormous quantities of reels.

These are some of the different types of social media business users.

  1. Influencers (10%): People with a decent-sized loyal following. They have an established business and generate revenue from their own offerings. Plus, they monetize their content via third-party revenue-sharing payouts.
  2. Creators (5%): People who publish massive volumes of highly produced content. They monetize by relying almost exclusively upon third-party revenue-sharing payouts and bonuses. They’re at the mercy of the algorithms and Facebook’s whims every day.
  3. Marketers (75%): Everyday businesses of all sizes that do their best to maintain a basic social media presence and often struggle to get measurable results due to using dated methods.
  4. Strategists (10%): Savvy professionals, business owners, and brands that post strategically. Everything they do is connected to driving traffic, leads, and sales. They allocate their resources properly and track the right metrics.

It's time to regain control. It is important to focus on what is important. Organic and paid Facebook marketing methods can be used to be a smart, strategic marketer. You need to ask if this is the right fit for you because Meta wants us all to be creators.


If you arecrushing it as a creator, thank you. Are you an outlier? The rest of us are building sustainable businesses that don't depend on technology. I will be talking about this topic at the social media marketing workshops.

Mari Smith is the queen of Facebook and the world's foremost expert on organic Facebook. Mari shows marketers how to make money on Facebook.

It's not uncommon for it to misunderstand or not nail your requests to have a unique approach to interacting with your ideal target audience and viewers of your content.

More about your business, who you serve, and your unique approach to serving will be taught.

This will help you get more accurate responses tailored to your brand, as well as ensure you get more detailed responses to your prompt.

You can start a new thread with a prompt.

Share your name with me.

Share your bio about me.

If your publicly known name isn't how you're known, share it with me.

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Share your website is my website's address.

It's my business and it's about your business.

Write your ideal audience down.

Do you want me to keep all the information I gave you today?


You should get a reply similar to this one from the person who replied.

That's right, absolutely! I will refer to the information you gave me whenever I need it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help in the future.

You can use this document to begin a reference document later, when you need more specific, detailed results from the chatgppt service.

Constantly add to this thread. To keep up with what you're entering if it's not already collected in some other area of your business, you need to create a pageless document in a documentation program.

There are pro tips.

  • To enter paragraphs into your ChatGPT prompt for more writing space, hold the SHIFT button and press ENTER to create paragraphs or sections, versus one continuous wall of text in your prompts.
  • Enter characteristics, behaviors, or a description of who’s not your ideal target audience as well, to further refine the results you get back from ChatGPT.

Diana Gladney helps busy entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use video to share their vision. She makes it easy for anyone to understand the tech of the video sharing site.

One of the most potent lead generation capabilities is at your fingertips.

If you only focus on text-based conversations with your ideal prospects, you have barely scratched the surface of what's possible.

In just a few seconds, you can personalize your engagement with prospects through captivating "selfie" videos, custom audio "voicemails," and so much more.

Use the audio messaging feature to start. Hold down the microphone icon next to the message input field and record a voice memo for your prospect.

An audio message script.

It's your name,Prospect's Name. I wanted to talk to you and give you a voice. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on free content and tips. I noticed from your profile page that you wrote a personal note about where they lived, worked, and went to school. It's great to connect and I'm looking forward to talking more soon.

Tools Resource Guide

You can discover the tools we recommend to drive engagement, save you time, and boost sales.

Whether you need help planning content, organizing social posts, or developing your strategy, you’ll find something for every situation.


When you can use video, why stop there? A more personal and engaging experience can be created by sending a video message. You can record a selfies-style video and send it to your prospect in real time.


A video message script.

You're here, your name isProspect's Name. I wanted to show you how excited I am to help you with your service by putting a face to it. Our expertise in this area will be perfect for you. I sent you free content and tips. I noticed from your profile page that you wrote a personal note about where they lived, worked, and went to school. It's great to connect and I'm looking forward to talking more soon.

There are pro tips.

  • Personalize your messaging: Focus on prospects who have already shown interest in your services and use audio, video, and fun elements like GIFs and emojis to create a more engaging experience.
  • Be genuine: Use your personality and stay true to who you are. Don't feel pressured to use elements that don't resonate with you.
  • Create a one-on-one connection: The goal is to replicate a face-to-face interaction as closely as possible. Use your prospect's name, look them in the eye through video messages, mention their name in audio messages, and keep the conversation focused on their needs.

The more you can personalize your 1-on-1 messages to mirror real life interactions, the more engagement you'll get.

John is the author of the best-selling book, "LinkedIn Riches: How to Use LinkedIn for Business, Sales for and Marketing!"

A lead generation ad is one that syncs to yourCRM and gives anyone who fills out your form access to your offer via email: a free consultation, or an entry level offer.

The ability for people to access your asset directly from the ad and download your brochure, checklist, or ebook directly to their mobile device without opening their email is currently in the alpha stage.


The key to successful acquisition of clients and customers is in the follow up.

You should follow up with every lead within 15 minutes. You'll have a better chance of keeping that lead if you follow up within this window. It's easy to automate your follow up sequence.

If you want this potential customer's business, you need to show that you're responsible. Depending on the type of business you are in, you can develop a follow up sequence that has seven to 11 touch points within two to four weeks. According to research, high intent leads become customers between the third and fifth touch points. You don't lose the chance to convert your warm leads if you use 7 to 11 touch points.

Support your follow up with retargeting. If you can drive those leads to your sales page or landing page, you can make them a customer.

If you put this system in place, you will see a cheaper cost per result from your ad campaigns.

Even with a small budget, Tara Zirker can help marketers achieve huge returns on their social media marketing. She created the Successful Ads Club to help marketers take the pain out of online advertising with play-by-play training.

There are many tips on how to increase your content reach and get more followers on your account on social media.

These tips don't cover how to get new visitors to stay. Creating a valuable proposition that encourages your audience to follow and engage with your content is one of the tactics involved in this tactic.

There are two main ways to get people to follow you.

  • Add a positioning statement to your bio—a short phrase or sentence that clearly states the value you offer your audience; for example, “self-care tips for Millennial moms.”
  • Produce a regularly Live series—Instagram users love a regular live series! Committing to going to live on a regular basis and promoting this in your bio will encourage people to follow you as a way to keep up to date with your live series.

You can convert viewers to followers by using both tactics.

Jade Beeson is a creator coach who helps entrepreneurs use social media to increase their income. The creator club and creator income academy are her programs. She has a talk show called The Creators' Corner.

Proper campaign structure is needed for testing and scaling campaigns.

Too many marketers don't test the variables needed to find the winning ads or ad sets quickly because they set up their campaigns wrong.

They waste time and money on ads that aren't performing well. They can't reach the scaling and Optimization phases.

The budget is delivered by Facebook. If you want to test with one ad per ad set, you should use ABO. When using Advantage+ budget, Facebook will decide which ad sets get budget when you should be testing everything equally.

It's like putting more than one ad per ad set. When all should get the same budget to make the test viable, Facebook will decide which ad gets the budget.

You can move to other budgeting options such as CBO or cost cap bidding if you find your winning ads and audiences.

A local marketing expert is helping marketers create strategies and systems to grow their businesses. She has appeared in Forbes, is a member of the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club, and is a recurring voice on the Social Media Marketing Talk Show.

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Yes, that's right! I want you to know what's happening.

  Web 3 for Beginners

Curious about Web3, but don't know where to start or who to trust? Introducing Web3 for Beginners, a course taught by Michael Stelzner, the founder of Social Media Examiner.

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