Aces of Trades: Stacey Cartnal helps others reach potential at COTC, OSU Newark

by Lindsey Francy Jun 5, 2023 News
Aces of Trades: Stacey Cartnal helps others reach potential at COTC, OSU Newark
Stacey Cartnal is a digital communications specialist at Central Ohio Technical College as well as Ohio State University at Newark.

It took a little while, but she realized education was the key to success.

Cartnal said that as a child he was very energetic. I would ride bikes, climb trees, and run around outside pretending to be anything I wanted to be. I wanted to try everything when I was a teenager and I played sports, sang in the choir and acted in plays.

She said she had a deep love of reading. You can try on different roles in great books. I liked to go somewhere. We weren't able to travel yearly to exotic locations, but I knew I could always find a new place in a book. I wanted to be an actress or a singer, but I didn't know marketing careers exist.

Cartnal works at Central Ohio Technical College and Ohio State University at Newark. She has been at Newark for a decade.

She said that she handles the social media channels for both colleges. Developing our social media strategy and planning is one of the things I do. I help with different advertising campaigns by writing press releases and assisting with different advertising campaigns.

She said that she tried to attend college but needed to be more focused. I dropped out of school. I decided to go further in my career with an educational degree. I wanted to do something differently. I was looking for something that would make me want to do more.

The advisor made her feel like she could go to college and be successful and that's why she chose C OTC. I chose business because of the variety of roles someone could pursue in the business world.

Cartnal graduated cum laude from Franklin University with a degree in marketing and a minor in public relations, after transferring from C OTC. She was an admissions representative for C OTC. She became a marketing assistant and helped the director put together ad buys.

Ohio State University has a content strategist named Suzanne Bressoud.

Bressoud said thatStacey loves learning about new technology. It is important for anyone to be successful in the digital world. She is a strategic thinker, one of the critical characteristics of a successful communicators. She is passionate about education and the role Ohio State Newark plays in our communities.

College has always been about connecting what you like to do and what you enjoy with a job you enjoy and allow you to earn a good living. It is a bonus if you can impact your community at the same time. I am happy that this is where my life has taken me.

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