Zee Marathi’s sensational comeback: 'Khupte Tithe Gupte' returns

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 5, 2023 News
Zee Marathi’s sensational comeback:

The head of marketing and digital at Bayer Consumer Health India talks about the brand's journey over the years and how it used innovative marketing strategies to reach out to the people.

Can you tell us a bit about your brand journey and how it has changed over time? What innovative marketing strategies are you using?

The aim of the consumer health division is to democratize access to healthcare for over one billion Indians. Modern packaging and insight-led campaigns made the brands more relevant to young Indians. We used cohort-based targeting and artificial intelligence to drive brand awareness and trial. There have been many awards and positive feedback. The restaging of Saridon has resulted in consistent brand growth over the past two years. The brand's first line extension, Saridon Advance, has shown promising results.

According to a survey commissioned by Bayer, a daily diet can only give up to 70% of key vitamins and minerals. Consumers were encouraged to complement their diet with supradyn daily. Consistency in share growth was the result of this. Consumers told us that they want Supradyn to have natural ingredients. We created a nature + science proposition and launched Supradyn Immuno+ to give 100% immunity.

Half of young women with skin infections still choose to use ineffective solutions, according to a survey commissioned by Bayer. We re-launched the world's number one antifungal brand, Canesten, in India with a quirky campaign that encouraged young Indian women to use the right solution for treating rashes rather than using talcum powder. The brand's encouraging start last summer is expected to continue this summer.

We've used innovative ways to connect with consumers. Artificial intelligence-based smile detection, Gamification for Saridon, and partnership withTerribly Tiny Tales for connecting with young Indians suffering from stress and pain are included. Weather-based targeting was done for Canesten.

Which medium do you use to raise your visibility? How do you allocate your marketing budget?

At Bayer Health we use digital channels to reach and engage with our consumers. We are able to provide a seamless experience for our consumers across all of their interactions with us. Digital channels provide us with more targeted and efficient ways to engage with our consumers. We have been able to drive more engagement and conversion rates by tailoring our messaging and sampling to our specific audience. The power of social media in driving engagement and business for us was proven. In order to engage with our consumers directly, we created compelling content. It has made it easier to build a community around our brands.

In addition to creating a seamless customer experience with a mix of TV, digital and other medium, it's very important to also recognize the importance of physical stores as a key touch point for consumers. The way our brands are presented in stores has been changed to make it easier to find.

TV news is very popular due to it's reach. Do you think brands should spend more time on TV?

Television is still a very effective and efficient medium for brands to reach their target consumers. With its wide availability and popularity, television advertising can give brands the ability to reach a wide range of viewers.

I don't believe brands have a choice to be alone. It's not a very easy answer because there is no single solution. The media choices that a brand makes will depend on the kind of consumer that they are. There is no one universal response for brands. The mechanism we have in place is designed to ensure efficient reach and engagement with target consumers. News channels are a part of our strategy. Depending on a variety of factors, a specific mix of channels will change over time. The aim is to make our brand more effective. Staying flexible in our approach to news and other channels allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

The marketing mix of your campaigns. Do you think there has been a change in brand messaging in India?

Many brands have had to rethink their messaging and proposition due to the Pandemic. In a post-pandemic world, brands can build stronger connections with consumers by focusing on health and safety.

Consumer learnings from their life are what led to the creation of our brand messaging and proposition. Most of the insights are the same as they were during the epidemic. Our campaign on saridon continues to be relevant. The insight that resilient Indians hide headaches from their loved ones and the fact that Saridon is the best solution for fast relief from a headaches remain the same.

The nutrition category has seen the most ups and downs with Covid waves. Many consumers took to nutrition supplements for the first time in the last two years because they realized the importance of a healthy diet with good quality supplements. The demand for vitamins that support the immune system and boost strength will keep growing. Consumers will be encouraged to use good health supplements like Supradyn so that they can give their 100% every day. We will keep in touch with them so that our messages remain relevant and meaningful to them.

Are you still advertising on news channels? Is there anything you can tell me about how you market your brand on television?

Of course. Our strategy is designed to efficiently reach and engage our target consumers. News channels are part of the strategy. We are always focused on maximizing our reach and effectiveness, even though the mix of channels may change over time.

Our approach to channel mix is highly data-driven and allows us to continuously evaluate and maximize efficiency. Our approach to news and other channels allows us to stay ahead of the curve and get the most value for our marketing investments.

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