Coach Global CMO and North America President Sandeep Seth: 2023 Top Marketers

by Jacob Solomon Jun 5, 2023 News
Coach Global CMO and North America President Sandeep Seth: 2023 Top Marketers

Coach has a global chief marketing officer and a North America president who are responsible for the company's innovative marketing. His impact can be seen and felt even though he has only been at the company for two years. He worked at the company for over two decades before joining Coach.

Giving up control and moving from product-centered to more purpose-led marketing are the keys to Coach's new and improved brand stories. The In My Tabby campaign was launched with the help of progressive celebrities.

The consumer was put at the center of the brand's positioning when it was launched. Coach can help inspire the next generation to have the courage to self-express and feel confident to achieve what they want. It is your dreams.

Coach has seen growth due to its new focus on self- expression and luxury. Coach accounted for over 70% of the company's net sales. The revenue of Coach was up from the previous year. The handbags accounted for 42% of the brand's net sales.

The brand is going all in on tapping into digital platforms and allowing consumers to assist in writing the brand's narrative.

It's a learning day every day. We spend a lot of time with our partners from different media platforms as well as learning what the best brands are doing across any category. It can come from completely different sources. The way things were done in the Mad Men era are still used by marketers. The new world is about speed and content.

Coach's marketing strategy moving forward will include a focus on increasing brand love among new and existing brand shoppers.

In favor of more brand building, we are doing a lot less of the push down-the-funnel performance marketing. It is leading to better economics for the brand.

The full list of top marketers can be found here.

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