Fenty Beauty & Fenty Fragrance VP, Global Brand Marketing Nanette Wong: 2023 Top Marketers

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 5, 2023 News
Fenty Beauty & Fenty Fragrance VP, Global Brand Marketing Nanette Wong: 2023 Top Marketers

The brand's marketing this year has been on fire, from product placement during the Super Bowl Halftime Show to the brand's UGC #HellaThicc Challenge campaign on YouTube Shoppable Shorts TheFenty Beauty doubled its revenue, thanks to the expansion of its distribution network and the success of its launches, according to the parent company. During the Super Bowl performance, the brand earned "strong visibility", according to the report. A savvy marketing team stays up to date on the latest trends, technologies and platforms. The vp of global brand marketing has been with the brand since launch after starting out on the social media team. Wong has a biology degree from UC Berkeley and is interested in marketing and platforms.

Is marketing more of an art or a science?

Marketing is a combination of both art and science. My scientific background has been important to my success as a marketer. A/B testing, hypothesis testing, and data-based thinking are some of the elements that are applicable to marketing. The closer you are to the consumer, the better you are at marketing. To understand their wants and needs is what it is about. You need to pair the data with your instincts about connection. The aesthetic eye plays a key role in marketing.

What platforms and types of content do you like the most?

TikTok has emerged as a leader in marketing content. The discovery element is important for both marketers and consumers. Today's average consumer would like to learn in a quick and entertaining way. I still like to use the photo-forward apps of the past. There is always an audience for different formats. How we plan to connect with our own audience is the most important thing.

The role of a marketer has changed over the last few years.

According to an article on Forbes, the next generation of marketers will come from social media managers. I liked it very much. The last few years were summarized in a concise way. I started my marketing career as a community manager and now focus on brand marketing. The marketing landscape is profoundly impacted by social media more than any other marketing lever. It has made marketers quicker and more flexible. Social is not a nice-to-have for a savvy marketer. As technology continues to advance, marketers will be challenged to be the first to adopt new technologies.

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