NuFace SVP of Global Marketing Katie Guild: 2023 Top Marketers

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 5, 2023 News
NuFace SVP of Global Marketing Katie Guild: 2023 Top Marketers

NuFace is a poster brand for the anti-aging market in the U.S. Retail sales of the at- home microcurrent skin-care device brand increased by 24% in the year 2022.

The recent growth of NuFace is attributed to its marketing strategy. The brand could be put on a pedestal and get the credit it deserved. The rebirthing of the brand isNu Face's biggest accomplishment in the last year.

The Mini+ and Trinity+ were released by Nu Face in August. The Find Beauty in the Current campaign aims to change the traditional ideas of anti-aging. The products allow consumers to be in control and embrace the aging process, while the tools allow you to do as little maintenance as you please.

Nuface is a step beyond skin care. The women skin-care enthusiasts didn't realize they needed to be doing something at the muscular level Guild said that it was the "aha" moment that led to the entire campaign.

I'm going to walk you through the process of changing your name.

Interviews were done with skin-care enthusiasts to understand where their journey with skin care was, what they were looking for and how Nu Face could be the solution. We did a lot of diving to understand that point of difference. The challenge was bringing this all to life and making it understandable for a group of people who have no idea what this is. In order to bring this concept to life, we worked with a production house to develop 3D mapping of models' faces, which led to a dramatization of microcurrent going down through the skin, deep into the muscle. That was our go-to-market strategy. Over the course of a year, we received 47 million views of the #Nu Face. Surprisingly, it is everyday women who go out and buy the device for themselves that end up going viral for us. You can't buy brand love. In order to foster the relationship with the brand, we need to quickly see it happening, reach out, and bring these people in. The magic happens when that happens.

What do you think are the best platforms for marketing today?

We'll be where our clients are eventually. We would like to be a part of that discussion. We are able to educate in a snackable, authentic way thanks to social. There is a high burden to education with the device because of its technical nature. If there is a new platform that launches tomorrow, that's where we'll be.

Nuface is using artificial intelligence to personalize.

All goes to the app. When you sign on, you are asked about your skin type, the types of procedures you have had, and how long you want to commit to the app. All the information and the device you have are taken into consideration. Then it gives you treatment suggestions. The routines are going to evolve and be refreshed based on artificial intelligence.

How do you make NuFace's marketing plan work?

It makes sense to bring in a big name, for instance, Molly Sims, a fan of the brand. The Mini+ device was unveiled by us and she was a part of it. She was using it before. She loved it and was aware of it. Influences and celebrities play a part. The overall strategy requires you to be full-funnel. People want to know that the product works for them. Consumers would like to see themselves in the people we put out. The results from'real women' are the ones that go viral.

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