Sephora SVP Integrated Marketing and Brand Abigail Jacobs: 2023 Top Marketers

by Jacob Solomon Jun 5, 2023 News
Sephora SVP Integrated Marketing and Brand Abigail Jacobs: 2023 Top Marketers

"TikTok, TikTok and TikTok" are the three answers that Abigail Jacobs gave when asked about the most promising platforms for marketing today.

The new partnership with TikTok was the brainchild of her. Amy Chang, Rocio Lopez-Jimenez and Nyma Tang are some of the top makeup artists in the world.

Jacobs said that you don't have to have a million followers or fans on TikTok.

The highlights of the parent group's annual results for the year show a rebound from the Pandemic. The beauty retailer saw exceptional performance over the quarter and continued to gain market share in North America, Europe and the Middle East according to the earnings statement.

Jacobs said that the emphasis on TikTok is a big focus for her team.

There is a negative narrative about Gen Z being impatient. She said she loved this generation's impatience. It is lighting a fire under brands and companies that we have never seen before. They don't need anything from us, they have everything they need. It is a huge change for marketers, because we can influence the narrative, but we can't control it.

Gen Z is pushing for more social consciousness from retailers. The expectation of the consumer has changed.

Changes in everything from our hiring processes to the way we structure project teams, to our feedback processes and integration of our ERGs, to our casting and talent choices and our production process, has been a part of her team. We have questioned almost every step of our marketing process to make sure that our end result is reflective of the incredibly diverse community we serve.

The stories of beauty brand founders, including Danessa Myricks of her eponymous brand, have been spotlighted in recent campaigns by Jacobs. The expansion of the "Hearts not Hate" campaign includes talks on the issue of online hate and harassment.

Expectations are high for the generation in front of us. Jacobs said that they put pressure on brands and companies to challenge injustice, they want to give a voice to the under-represented and dismantle industry biases, and they are connected and informed.

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