Building sales pipelines: Prospecting and lead generation in contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry

by Jacob Solomon Jun 4, 2023 News
Building sales pipelines: Prospecting and lead generation in contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry

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The challenge of attracting and engaging prospective buyers in the right moment is faced by providers of contract electronics manufacturing services. In order to build an effective lead generation sales pipeline, it is important for providers to use strategic marketing tools and activities that place their company's services in front of potential buyers at the moment of relevance.

It's important to understand the moment of relevancy.

The moment of relevance is the point in the electronics equipment manufacturing company's buyer's journey when they become aware of a need or problem and seek a solution. There is a moment of relevance that falls into the sequence of events for marketing and sales professionals in the healthcare industry.

  • EMS provider marketing department researches OEM TAM
  • EMS marketing defines ideal OEM target customer
  • EMS marketing and EMS sales create OEM equipment company prospects list
  • EMS marketing qualifies some OEM prospects
  • EMS marketing identifies ‘qualified’ OEM prospects
  • EMS marketing categorizes / prioritizes OEM leads
  • EMS marketing passes OEM leads to EMS sales department
  • EMS sales contacts OEM leads
  • EMS sales then qualifies, or disqualifies, the OEM leads, again.
  • EMS sales begins nurturing the qualified OEM leads
  • OEM requests quote pricing for services offered by EMS manufacturer
  • OEM audits the EMS provider
  • OEM-EMS provider contract negotiations
  • OEM contract signing

In some cases, the cost of landing a new customer can be hundreds of thousands of dollars when all of the marketing and sales activities are considered.

In order to capture the attention and interest of potential buyers, it is necessary for the manufacturers to position their services at the right time. By being present and offering relevant information that informs or helps to solveOEM buyer problems and pain point, they can establish themselves as trusted partners.

In order to shorten the sales cycle time and lower the cost of acquisition, it is important to engage the OEM buyers at the moment of relevance.

Content creation that is targeted.

The creation of targeted content is one of the most effective ways to market to clients. The pain points, challenges, and industry specific needs of their target audience can be addressed by developing high-quality content.

Potential buyers who are looking for manufacturing solutions should be able to find this content in relevant searches. EMS providers can position themselves as experts and build trust by providing actionable information.

Ensuring that their services are visible and discoverable by potential equipment buyers of their solutions is one of the things that is done by the manufacturers of the products.

It is possible to improve organic search rankings and increase the chances of appearing in search engine results pages based on buyer interest and relevance.

Providers can align their content and messaging with the needs and search queries of potential buyers, ultimately driving traffic to their website and generating qualified leads with the help of effectiveseo practices.

Problems should be solved above all else.

In order to effectively engage prospective buyers in the contract electronics manufacturing industry, creating specific content that solve their problems is paramount. This is why it is important.

By addressing the challenges and pain points faced by buyers, the manufacturers position themselves as knowledgeable experts in the industry. The problem-solving content shows that there is a deep understanding of the needs of electronics equipment buyers.

Equipment buyers are always looking for solutions to their issues. Buyers get actionable insights, best practices, and strategies to overcome their challenges from the valuable problem-solving content offered by the manufacturers. The value-driven approach helps build a positive relationship with potential customers and can help position the manufacturer as a helpful resources.

Differentiation from other industries.

It is important for contract electronics manufacturers to stand out in a sea of grey. The problem-solving content allows for a different approach from competitors.

By addressing buyer pain points and detailing practical solutions, EMS providers can showcase their unique value proposition and position themselves as the go to solution provider.

Content can be published where buyers will see it.

If problem-solving content is to be effective, it needs to be published and distributed in the right places. The placement of content is important.

  • Placing content where buyers are most likely to see it ensures it reaches the intended audience. By conducting thorough market research to find where buyers congregate online, and understanding buyer behavior, EMS providers can identify the websites, platforms, channels, and online communities where their target audience actively seeks information and solutions. This targeted approach maximizes the visibility and impact of the content.
  • Publishing EMS manufacturing industry content online in domain locations where buyers frequently visit increases the chances of it being discovered. This includes leveraging search engine optimization techniques to ensure content appears prominently in search engine results when buyers are seeking relevant information. Additionally, sharing content on social media platforms, industry forums, and online communities amplifies its reach and allows it to reach a wider audience.
  • Consistent publishing of problem-solving content online helps EMS manufacturer build brand awareness among prospective buyers. When EMS providers consistently deliver valuable content that addresses buyer challenges, they establish themselves as trusted industry authorities. Buyers are more likely to remember and engage with a brand that consistently offers valuable solutions to their problems.
  • Facilitating engagement by placing helpful EMS industry content where OEM buyers will see it increases the likelihood of engagement and sharing. When buyers come across valuable content that solves their problems, they are more likely to save it for reference or share with colleagues. The latter is important as most decision-making internal OEM equipment firms concerning finding and vetting EMS manufacturers is done so by OEM committee. This engagement not only boosts brand visibility but also helps extend the reach of the content as it gets shared within the buyer’s network.
  • Publishing content in the right places ensure EMS manufacturers that OEM buyers encounter relevant information at various stages of the OEM buyer’s journey. Whether OEM buyers are in the identifying and information gathering, vetting and consideration, or decision-making stage, OEM buyers want access to problem-solving content that addresses their specific needs and guides them towards making informed decisions about EMS manufacturer partner selection.

In order to drive top-line growth and decrease the sales cycle for new customers, it's important to strategically place content where the most likely buyers of the service are.

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