Even with a $3,000 price tag, Apple is set to wow with its VR-AR headset

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 4, 2023 News
Even with a $3,000 price tag, Apple is set to wow with its VR-AR headset

The World Wide Developer Conference will be hosted by Apple on June 5th. It will be in its 36th year and it will be the most exciting. For the last year, we have known that Apple was going to make a virtual reality and augmented reality headset.

There are many sceptics who doubt the ability of the stable to find success where other companies have failed. There are doubts at Apple, there are talks of development issues, and there is chatter about this being Tim Cook's last job at Apple.

The third generation of Meta's flagship virtual reality headset, the Quest 3, feels iterative at best. At the upcoming developer conference, Meta wants to lay down the gauntlet and possibly play party pooper. This writer is reassured by the fact that Apple will succeed where others have failed.

RealityOS could be launched by Apple at the developers conference in 2023. Tim Cook will be remembered.

The wow factor

A wow moment is needed when a new technology goes mainstream. When the PC became popular, it happened with the mouse. The Sony Walkman was first and then the iPod. It happened with the user interface of the originaliPhone. Steve Ballmer smirked about the cost and limited feature set of the iPhone when he was Microsoft's CEO. While Apple has become the world's most valuable company on the basis of the success of the iPhone, Microsoft doesn't make a phone operating system. The mixed-reality headset is being seen as the next big thing.

The rumour has it that this mixed reality headset will be more expensive than anything Meta has. It is expected to be more potent as it will use an adapted M2 processor which will allow it to provide tremendous graphic capabilities that will result in significantly realistic virtual reality experiences. Reality in the virtual realm is the name of the game as Apple is expected to call this product "Reality Pro" and the operating system "RealityOS". Eye tracking and spatial audio will be added to the experience.

Apple's spatial audio products are the best. That technology has been scaled across its gadgets. The facial recognition technology it incorporated in the iPhone for Face ID was acquired by a company called Prime Sense. Eye tracking is something that can be experienced in the front camera of the iPad.

The battery life of the graphics piece in the headset is a challenge for which a magnetic battery extension attachment may have been created.

Users will be able to switch between virtual and augmented reality spaces with the help of a digital crown. Imagine the level of wow this experience can bring to the user if Apple completely destroys the virtual reality aspect of the experience.

Over the years, Apple has acquired a number of startup companies, including Metaio for augmented reality, Flyby Media, SensoMotoric Instruments and Akonia Holographics.

There are new masters of budget smartphones.

An ecosystem like no other

Films and TV shows are being made for the Apple TV+ platform. According to reports, it will be in 4K on the RealityPro headset, unlike the low resolution screens we are seeing right now.

Apple is in a unique position due to its mastery of content, its ability to build custom and fashionable hardware, and its ability to mobilize developers. We haven't seen anything like that from Meta or Microsoft, both of which have had their projects put on hold. When Sergey Brin hosted an audacious unveil at San Francisco's Moscone Centre with skydivers wearing it, it was the first time that the device had been seen. The early users were called "glassholes" because others around them were wary of being recorded.

The current CEO of Magic Leap thinks that Apple has the ability to change this market. Apple has a way of getting people to pay attention, and it also has a unique system that is different from any other. Even if this headset is a stand alone device, it will still have a dependency on other Apple gadgets. It will act as a conduit for more sales of other Apple gadgets as well as services that will be built on top.

This is a way to get into gaming. Even with the new M-series of processor on the Mac, it has struggled on the PC. With a successful play in mixed reality, it will crack the next dawn of triple-A gaming that may not need a hook to the cloud.

Apple has excelled with its stores in Delhi.

Apple is never late

If Apple hits its goal of a million devices it will bring in $3 billion in revenue.

Apple learns from its users. With the Apple Watch, it positioned it as a fashion product but quickly pivoted it to fitness and healthcare, which has turned Apple into the world's biggest timepiece. It could happen with the headset as developers and users dream up new ways of using the device in ways that Apple may not have thought about.

Apple has never been the first with any of its products. The graphical user interface was used by Xerox. Before the iPod, there was an mp3 player. Before the iPad showed up, there were phones with touch screens, tablets, and headphones.

Apple creates the wow factor through a combination of targeted leaps in user experience, and custom technology which facilitates this but also further ties customers within the fabric of itsecosystem, with just an incredible ability to mobilise developers and creators to deploy unique experiences. The company is known to no other company. It helps that the brand enjoys love that is second to none or matched just by Ferrari in the car space.

It is the kind of love that is reserved for the most famous teams. FC Barcelona, Manchester United, the Indian cricket team, the New York Yankees, and the LA Lakers are just some of the teams that Apple has invoked in consumers and tech experts through the 47 years of its existence. It can do whatever it pleases. That is the reason why the mixed reality headset will be better than the others.

The technology editor is Sahil Mohan Gupta. Personal views are what you get with your views.

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