Lose yourself in a novel to boost longevity

by Anna Munhin Jun 4, 2023 News
Lose yourself in a novel to boost longevity

A good book is whatClaudia is fond of. The 30-year-old marketing manager says that there is something calm and grounded about it. She likes to say that reading helps broaden her perspective and allows her to see her issues in a different way.

Connecting with a character in a book can help to ease feelings of loneliness.

It's a good idea to connect with a character in a book. IStock has a credit

It is music to the ears of a psychologist, who says that reading can help us in more ways than the author suggests. It's good for our brain. A high level of focus is required to comprehend the story, symbolism and meaning within a text.

Reading has psychological benefits. It's a good idea to connect with a character in a book. A sense of being understood and of belonging can be created by seeing ourselves reflected in stories.

It is possible that book reading improves your lifespan. In a study published in Social Science & Medicine in 2016 it was found that book readers had a 20 per cent reduction in mortality risk compared to non-book readers.

You don't have to live in a book to get the rewards. According to the author of the 2016 research, the more people read, the longer they live. He says that a few minutes a day will benefit readers.

Brewer suggests carrying a book wherever you go to get back into reading. While waiting for the kids to finish their dance lesson you can pick up a book. It's an easy act of replacement.

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According to Brewer, books offer deeper, richer and more satisfying content than the volume of videos and shallow content on screens.

Brewer says it's better to read a book on an electronic device than not. Pulling out a book is a moreholistic experience. She says it is better to read a physical book than an electronic book, because backlit screens can affect melatonin levels, which can affect sleep.