Sony LIV with Siddhartha Basu Presents 'Quizzer of The Year' - A Quizzing Extravaganza for Students

by Lindsey Francy Jun 4, 2023 News
Sony LIV with Siddhartha Basu Presents

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Quizzing in India is set to get its biggest push as Sony LIV announces, "Quizzer of the Year" (QOTY), a nationwide challenge. The aim of QOTY is to engage young minds with passion and curiosity for learning andQUIZZING. QOTY was co-designed and created by Siddhartha and the team at Tree of Knowledge Digital.

The ability to absorb knowledge from everywhere, not just textbooks, is what distinguishes a student today. QOTY gives them a chance to test their skills against their peers.

The Sony LIV app allows students to register and answer questions every day. The chance to be featured on Sony LIV is one of the prizes that will be won throughout the contest. The title ofQuizzer of The Year will be given to the winner of the educational scholarship. Their school curriculum and general knowledge will be the focus of the quiz.

Users can find all information on the Sony LIV website -

Only on Sony LIV will you be able to participate in Quizzer of the Year.

There are comments.

SonyLIV has a head of marketing.

India's young population has enormous potential. They are a generation with a desire for knowledge. They can showcase their intelligence and competitive spirit by participating in quiz challenges. We are proud to announce Quizzer of the Year because of our legacy of talent shows. QOTY will become the ultimate destination for young quiz enthusiasts in India, thanks to our partnership with Basu.

Siddhartha is a creator and a presenter.

QOTY is a stimulating year-round engagement where users can play a snap quiz daily and instantly review their performance and ranking. Sony LIV's active support made this the biggest schools initiative of its kind that we've seen so far. Students can not only play and put their knowledge to the test every day, but also compete and make their mark in school and in the national rankings, leading to a national play-off for top honours and prizes. The engagement is free and open to all and we want to foster a growth of awareness and a factual culture of depth and accuracy. I would like every young person in this age group to sign up and play.

You can find more information on the website

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