Disney Fires Pixar's Lightyear Director And The Producer Known For Saving Toy Story 2

by Jacob Solomon Jun 4, 2023 News
Disney Fires Pixar

The Toy Story spinoff's director is one of the people Disney is firing after Lightyear flopped. Lightyear was a film within the Pixar universe that inspired Tim Allen's toy. Lightyear proved to be a flop for Disney and resulted in major changes at the studio.

The Lightyear director and the vice president of worldwide publicity for Pixar have been fired by Disney, according to a report. The House of Mouse has also fired producer Galyn Susman, who saved Toy Story 2 from being destroyed when it was mistakenly deleted. The director has been at Pixar for 26 years and has worked his way up to blockbuster director.

Why Did Disney Cut Pixar's Employees?

Buzz Lightyear looking shocked with his wings extended in Toy Story 2

Lightyear was not the beginning of Disney's problems. After his initial retirement, Bob Iger has frequently discussed Disney's financial issues that arose from Bob Chapek's brief tenure as CEO, which resulted in the former Bob retaking the position from his successor. With Disney+ not serving as the financial boon that Disney hoped it would be, the company has been in a bad place.

With the future of streaming in serious danger, Disney turned to its theatrical side in order to make more money. Disney's struggles were worsened by the flop of Strange World and Light Year. The issue is not due to any loss in audience interest, but rather the fact that The Super Mario Bros. Movie beat Disney's Frozen at the box office. The failure of Strange World has been blamed on poor marketing and its status as a new intellectual property.

With these failures and Disney's cost-cutting efforts being made at Disney+ and Hulu, it may not come as a surprise that such firings are happening. Pixar needs to get back on track, as well as its separate animation studio, before its financial troubles get worse and bring down one of the industry's largest names.

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