Xbox exec insists food court sign isn't a Fable 4 tease as fans turn rabid

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 3, 2023 News
Xbox exec insists food court sign isn

An Xbox executive says he was not teasing Fable 4 when he shared a picture of his lunch break with a partially obscured sign.

When you're stranded in the desert in the Summer heat, your brain will make just about anything look like a water bottle, but that's an excuse I'll give to people in desperate survival situations.

Fans noticed a sign in the background of a picture that the marketing VP of the games shared on his social media account. It could be anything. Maybe it's a farm to table restaurant. There is a sign that says "craveable" food. The Fable community questioned whether Greenburg and company were putting out the most cryptic video game tease ever.

Is Aaron Greenberg teasing FABLE on his Instagram? 👀🤔Source: 2, 2023

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Greenburg was gracious enough to shut down the speculation and confirm that he was just eating lunch.

Greenburg said that he didn't want fans to be teased and that he preferred for them to be surprised. It feels like if I sneeze someone will confirm the game. As we are about a week away, love you all and the passion, keep it coming.

There was a more plausible Fable 4 tease recently when the Xbox account posted a glitter-filled video hyping up the upcoming Xbox show. Since the reveal of the new Fable game at the 2020 Xbox showcase, we haven't heard much about it. We are only days away from seeing more, even if a cafeteria sign is just a cafeteria sign.

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