Johnson & Johnson Competitors

by Anna Munhin Jun 3, 2023 News
Johnson & Johnson Competitors

Medical products and devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods are some of the products manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. The headquarters of Johnson and Johnson are in New Jersey. Around 175 countries are where it sells its products.

Several companies and brands compete with each other to offer the same products and services.

It's important for a company to improve their own products and also look at what their competitor is offering.

The top 10 competitors of Johnson and Johnson are listed below.

1. Reckitt Benckiser:

The group of British origin is called theRB group. The company was formed by the merger of two companies. Since its inception, it has been active in improving consumer health products.

2. Unilever:

One of the largest fast moving consumer goods companies in the world is called Unilever. The company is based in London and the Netherlands. In 190 countries, the company has a turnover of 50 billion.

3. Procter and Gamble (P&G):

P&G is a multinational corporation based in Ohio, USA. The acquisition of Gillet made P&G the largest consumer product company in the world. It is one of the most respected companies in the world.

4. Colgate-Palmolive:

The company is based in New York. It has a large presence in 75 countries and sells its products in 200 countries. Colgate-Palmolive offers oral care, personal care, home care and pet nutrition.

5. Pfizer:

Pfizer is a well-known company in the world of pharmaceuticals. It was founded by two men. Pfizer has used its global resources to deliver the best products.

6. Novartis:

The manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and other pharmaceutical ingredients is Novartis. One of the largest companies in the world is working in many countries. There is an extensive network of distribution by the pharma company.

7. GSK Consumer Healthcare:

Glaxosmithkline is a pharmaceutical giant with a headquarters in London. The name of the company was changed to Hindustan Milk Food Manufacturers in the late 1960's.

8. Roche:

One of the largest competitors of Johnson & Johnson is Roche.

9. Merck:

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world is based in the US and Canada. It was founded as an independent organization in 1971. The company has close to 70000 employees.

10. Abbott:

Wallace Calvin Abbott founded Abbott Laboratories in the year 1889. The marketing mix strategy of Abbott Laboratories is something we should look at. The highest quality equipment has been provided by Abbott Laboratories.

Various competitors compete with Johnson & Johnson. It helps to understand the external factors of a company.

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