Marketing in the digital age; leveraging social media, e-commerce for business growth

by Anna Munhin Jun 3, 2023 News
Marketing in the digital age; leveraging social media, e-commerce for business growth

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Marketing in the digital age is not new. Understanding customer pain points and needs, developing suitable products and services, grabbing customers' attention and helping them solve their lifestyle problems are some of the things marketers strive for.

What has changed is the way the system works. The environment in which marketers work is different than before. Consumers and marketers can use the digital system to their advantage. From the humble email to the more advanced platforms, to the Metaverse which is upon us now, from the humble email to the more advanced platforms. From direct marketing and push messages to images, videos and 3D frames, marketers have a much more nuanced and complex set of ecosystems to engage with. Customers are more flexible, can co-create brands with minimal efforts, and are constantly seeking novelty.

The growth of e-commerce as an alternative customer acquisition funnel has been rapid. E-Commerce has become a strong pillar for marketers around the world due to its poor start and high customer anxiety.

Social media and e- commerce have been used by marketers for a long time. The intensity, Frequency and Penetration of both are changing in India. A clear set of guidelines is needed for social media to flourish. Setting up a wide network of distribution hubs, modern transportation connections, high powered communications networks (4G,5G, etc), security and options of payment transactions are some of the infrastructural challenges that need to be overcome in the case of e- commerce. When these were put in place, marketers used the younger demographic, a larger appetite for experimentation, greater comfort with various payment transaction options and the endless aisle opportunity of digital inventories that customers loved to use.

It's a proven method of generating connections with target audiences for marketers. Also, paid promotions help marketers to be more focused on specific target groups to share content with and build engagement, help them through the decision journey and create long term bonding opportunities to increase visibility, reach and awareness.

Social media marketing is not as simple as it seems. In order for marketers to truly leverage the power of SMM, they must focus on the following: choose relevant platforms very carefully, ensure consistency and regularity of SMM outreach activities, and ensure that their content matches with chosen platform's captive audience.

Social media marketing can be used to educate and engage with their preferred customers. As customers are looking for brands to connect with because of those brands' meaningfulness, value systems and purpose, all marketers need to do is know the customer and engineer social media marketing strategies and tactics to get eyeballs and capture heartbeats.

E-Commerce is mostly aimed at acquiring prospective customers either directly or routed via social media marketing activities and traditional marketing methods to a brand's web assets such as a web page and then converting that traffic into purchasing customers. Sales are the bottom line of e- commerce.

When marketers don't look at different aspects of the marketing toolkit as exclusive swim lanes, they achieve greater success with e- commerce. When there is synergy between social media marketing and online sales activities, e- commerce gets better and stronger. Social media marketing experts must work closely with e- commerce specialists.

E-Commerce marketers need to work on the following: Search Engine Optimization (seo), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content creation for e-Commerce product pages, post-sale follow-up activities with customers, etc are key to leverage e

The power of experimentation is needed by marketers in the digital era.

Marketing has taken a big leap. Customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty will be led by social media and e- commerce. We need more technology driven to leverage the digital worlds we live in, purchase in, consume in, express our loyalty in and discard brands we don't find relevant anymore.

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