Assess your interests and skills

by Lindsey Francy Jun 3, 2023 News
Assess your interests and skills

I’m currently in the second year of a five-year Integrated MA in Political Science. What are my options other than UPSC? How can I get ready for the NET (UGC)? Devaseemandhiraa

Dear Devaseemandhiraa,

There are plenty options available apart from the UPSC. You could consider Public Policy. Work as a policy analyst or consult for government agencies, NGOs or think tanks, become a Political Journalist for a newspaper, magazine or a news channel or apply to international organisations like the UN, World Bank in roles related to public policy, politics or policy analysis and /or advocacy. To prepare for the UGC NET, familiarise yourself with the syllabus and the exam pattern. Identify topics that you need help with. Get resources and start preparation either on your own, or at a centre or even via online classes. There is a lot of content available online. Practise previous year papers to understand the level of difficulty, time management and the exam pattern.

I pursued Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology from NIFT but took a break of three years trying to clear the UPSC. During this time, I did a Master’s in Anthropology through IGNOU. Now I am confused about what to do next. Meera

Dear Meera,

This depend on what you want to do and what you enjoy the most. Assess your interests and skills and then choose a career that aligns with your goal/s. Is UPSC something that you still want try? With a Master’s in Anthropology, you can apply for government jobs or be a research assistant. Does pursuing a Ph.D. interest you? You could then work in academia or research. Many organisations need anthropologists on an ongoing basis to research culture, languages, and society’s changing trends. You can also move into the corporate sector where you can use your understanding of human behaviour, culture, and communication and contribute to areas like HR, marketing, branding, and consumer needs.. Content writing, journalism, and social work also have some decent openings. Did you do anything with your Bachelor’s course? Do you sketch, design, or stitch? Are you keen on pursuing that? You need to identify what you enjoy waking up to every single day.

I’m a BA in Indian History and Economics. I cleared the CAT 2021 but couldn’t pursue MBA due to personal reasons. I am currently enrolled in MA Economics through distance learning. I have cleared the preliminary state public service examination and am preparing for Mains. But I still want to study from a reputed institution just for exposure. What should I do? Abhinandan

Dear Abhinandan,

All the best for the Mains! It seems like you are not able to get past the hurt of not being able to pursue an MBA in 2021. If you still want to study at a reputed institution for exposure, you could consider a few options: Apply for a one-year PG Diploma course across fields like management, public policy or finance or pursue an Executive Education course for working professionals that many top-tier colleges and universities offer. These are short-term and focus on specific topics like leadership, strategy, and innovation. You could also apply for a fellowship or a scholarship that provides financial support to pursue such academic and research activities.

I am in the final year of B.Sc. (Hons) Pyschology. I am preparing for the CAT and other MBA entrance exams. I want to work as HR in an advertising company but have no idea of advertising or management. Are there any courses or internships that will help me? And how can I excel in the group discussion and personal interview? Aditi

Dear Aditi,

Intern at an ad agency to gain practical experience and understand the industry. Observe the HR functions and processes to learn specific nuances. Enroll in a basic 1-0-1 advertising, marketing, management, HR, and organisational behaviour course across an online platforms. Network and attend events and seminars related to advertising and marketing to meet and build connections. For the GD and the interview, be honest, sincere, and prepared. Do your homework. Research the course and the college that you are applying to and be aware of what you want. Have confidence in your abilities and express yourself with clarity. Make sure your communication skills are good and also show empathy and listen to the points that others make. Research current affairs, sports, industry news and trending topics and know what you want.

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