BrandWagon AdTalk with WeWork India’s Megha Agarwal

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 3, 2023 News
BrandWagon AdTalk with WeWork India’s Megha Agarwal

Digital marketing is important but also needs of the hour. It's important for marketers to be ahead of the times with newer technologies. Digital marketing can be used to acquire new customers as well as retain them. Industry experts highlight what has changed over the years in the BrandWagon Ad Talk series. The head of brand and marketing at WeWork India talks to BrandWagon Online about the dos and don'ts of digital marketing. The excerpts have been edited.

In the era of digital transformation, it is possible to launch a brand more quickly and cheaply to a larger audience. Social media has made it possible for brands to interact with consumers. Over the past few years, the way in which consumers engage with brands has changed. The power of digital and social media makes it possible for brands to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers quickly and engage with them in a meaningful way. Launching marketing strategies used to focus on creating impactful brand campaigns and driving high recall. With the increasing choice and evolving nature of digital touchpoints, marketers must make real time adjustments to the marketing plan to ensure they are aligned with the evolving consumption pattern of modern consumers.

What are the best marketing and advertising campaigns you've seen recently?

The recent Lenskart campaign was quite good. It dispelled the myth that good style is synonymous with high prices. If done well, humour can be great for a brand and ensure high recall as it becomes powerful shareable content and conversation starter with consumers who like snackable content.

They were able to advance their core value of disruption by using this advertisement. The campaign had elements of exceptional cinematography, a well-crafted script, and impactful messaging that consumers love and relate to. A mix of various creative elements contributed to its effectiveness in capturing audiences' attention while conveying the brand's message

Which brand has excelled in using digital in the last year?

Digital, data and technology are notnegotiable for brands to stay ahead of the curve and develop a passionate, loyal customer base that not only buys their products but also believes in them and advocates them.

Licious has done a lot of work. Realising the importance of connecting with its customers directly, they carry out differentiated initiatives such as the recent 'All You Can Meat Buffet' festival and leverage digital platforms to amplify it further. The Great Khali was an interesting choice for the campaign because he synergised his king-size love for meat with the big festival.

What are the do's and don'ts of digital marketing?

Businesses can use social media to connect with their audience. Businesses can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior through the use of engaging content, influencer marketing, and other strategies. Sales and revenue growth can be improved by this. The close connect with consumers gives brands an edge over competitors.

It's easy to get lost as a brand in the crowd if you don't make the messaging authentic. Ensure that the brand messaging is authentic and relevant to the audience.

Privacy concerns are on the rise due to the increasing use of digital medium. Businesses should make sure that they are transparent about their data collection. Consumers need to be reassured that brands are engaging with them in a transparent secure environment when they communicate with businesses.

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Why did you see one recent bad case of advertising?

Advertising is not easy to understand. What may be seen as a bad case of advertising by a few may not be seen as a bad case by others. The aim is to connect with the target audience in line with the brand values. The focus should be on efforts to pivot the brand to its next level and be a brand that consumers love!

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