Eighteen enticed to fill out Census by Warehouse and supermarket vouchers at Warriors

by Jacob Solomon Jun 3, 2023 News
Eighteen enticed to fill out Census by Warehouse and supermarket vouchers at Warriors

Only 18 league fans took up the offer of vouchers for their data, despite the fact that census stragglers at the Warriors match were offered vouchers for their data.

The Census staff helped at the game.

In a series of promotions that cost taxpayers close to $50,000, 18 people took part in last Saturday's event.

Some people were given tickets to the One New Zealand Warriors game on Saturday in exchange for their information, and a Stats NZ spokesman said they were happy with the promotion's outcome and that it helped raise the profile of the Census.

Since Census Week, the Warriors have been involved with the Census and we were able to work with them for their home game in April. Over 2000 people did not complete their forms due to this.

The Herald 11 collection staff were working at the game according to Simon Mason.

Four of the team supporting census form completions at the Warriors game were from out of town, but they were not brought in for the promotion because they were part of the general census collection effort on the ground.

Teams have been helping people fill out Census forms in the community

After the national count finished on May 3, Stats New Zealand boosted collection teams.

People in areas that have been impacted by hurricanes were supported to participate in the census.

The Warriors training session took place on Friday, May 26th.

The completion of new forms was achieved with the help of these.

The Census encouraged people to participate by giving away tickets to the Warriors.

There was a Warriors promotion in New Zealand in April.

According to Mason, the total cost of all promotional initiatives to date would need to be addressed in an Official Information Act request.

The post-Census Day collection received more advertising and marketing support in 2019.

It includes television, radio, print, outdoor and online advertising, and development of tailored materials and content for priority response groups, including Mori, Pacific peoples and ethnic communities.

Simon Watts told the Herald that the initiatives to raise Mori response rates have not worked.

The 74 per cent Mori response rate was considered a disaster. There has been a lot of money spent on trying to increase the response rate, but it hasn't worked out.

He told the Herald that he didn't think the incentives had achieved the outcomes needed.

The Census tally in New Zealand as of Thursday morning was 4,529,282.

There is an estimated 600,000 people who haven't returned their forms.

The census closes at 5pm on June 30th. People will be able to complete their census forms online in the future. The paper forms need to be posted to Stats New Zealand by June 30th to be counted.