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by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 3, 2023 News
STANLY MAGAZINE: Meet the Influencers - The Stanly News & Press
Hannah Crump puts the latest fashions offered by Cache Noir on the clothing racks.

Businesses rely on social media to connect with the community.

Many businesses in Stanly County do more than just sell online. Many people have become local influencer and content creators for social media, marketing products, but also building followings to promote their ideas and change the way companies and people think.

Livi Bug's song.

Her presence on social media helped build a community. Since the beginning of the year, it has increased in size.

She started posting her outfits daily on the photo sharing site.

The building is constantly being used to grow and reach the community. Being consistent and forming meaningful relationships with people has helped me to stay and grow at the number I am.

She said that interactions with followers are more important than the amount of followers. Early on, she said, it was about the follower numbers that companies noticed.

Livi Bug's is owned by Livi Bug's owner, OliviaPhillips.

It is possible to grow followers but not engage with them or people interested in what you are saying. It is more important to have a real community.

Being a content creator is like running a small business, she said.

When the store is closed,Phillips devotes almost eight hours a day to film content for the week.

She gets help from her husband or use a tripod to film outfits and post them on her website.

She said that creating content includes interacting with followers, answering messages, responding to comments and writing a caption.

It requires a lot of time and effort.

She said that people are trying to make food, fashion and more look perfect on a daily basis.

I have seen a big change in the last year. People want to know more about the news. The videos are more important than anything else.

For online apps, those videos are usually less than a minute long.

People would like to see more of your daily life. Phillips said that he had shifted from an outfit of the day that was polished to an outfit of the day that was not.

It is up to the content creator to decide if sharing part of one's personal life is appropriate.

I share as much as I can with you. It's up to you to cut that off and only share what you want, if you ever have those times when people are asking questions or sending you messages, wanting to know more.

She said she is genuine in what she posts.

It takes a long time for a follower to get to know you and realize who you are.

She only promotes products that she likes or would spend her own money on.

It is easy to see that aninfluencer is sharing something. They were able to get it for nothing. I want to be upfront and honest.

Three years with Aerie and two years with Ulla Pumpkin are some of the brands thatPhillips has worked for.

I think it goes further when you have a long-term relationship. The brand is helped more by it. My followers know and trust that brand. I like that to be a one-off.

She said companies like getting feedback from their followers. She said that negative feedback as a plus-size fashion content creator is usually related to inclusive sizes.

All feedback goes back to the company that she works for. She wants her followers to report their feelings to companies.

She sees herself continuing to grow her online community as well as developing her store.

I have great relationships with people.

It's called Cache Noir.

Five years ago, when they moved to Lake Tillery, the Perruquets started their business, a brick and mortar store.

Perruquet said she started the business because she liked to shop, but stores were an hour away.

The Perruquets own a store in the area.

After 22 years as a technician for an eye doctor, her husband suggested she open a boutique.

She was hesitant to open the store because she didn't think anyone in the area would want to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Three years have passed since the business started with four rack and a table and has grown to 1,500 square feet.

Women's fashion products are sold and shipped to as far away as California and Washington.

Perruquet said that shoppers are used to buying from her store online because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The store gets a lot of in-person traffic from vacation home owners.

Perruquet said it has been consistent from the beginning.

She said that having a coffee shop in the back of the store made her feel like she had a home in the area.

Perruquet said that social media marketing is a part of the store.

She is interested in the kind of posts she sees on social media.

Along with running the store, Hannah is helping her create social media content.

It is important to know that she is loved. Everyone in this town adores her. She has been a big influence on me. She has met a lot of people. I have watched the town grow with her and the building.

People are more likely to seek out her content if she has a story or outfit of the day.

They watch it to make sure. A lot of the time, I don't have to come up with new ideas. Perruquet explained what and how he wears it.

She said that they don't reach out to brands to feature them on social media.

I keep the ones that I wore before.

She said she has not tried to get more customers because she is busy with online stories.

Perruquet said she doesn't order anything from the store that she isn't familiar with because the products she sells have to have basic components.

It needs to be comfortable. It needs to be able to be washed in the washing machine.

She said that her fashions are more expensive than others because they are nicer quality and should be worn for a long time.

The customers like my stories because they get a quality piece no one else has.

She has had to leave her store many times because someone wanted something else.

All the time, it happens. Customers are wondering if that is the last one. She said that she was like, "Woah, people?"

She said that she will often see people by appointment at the store and that items not listed online get out to people.

She said that many people think it's more trendy than it is.

How to deal with customers from Perroquet's example was the subject of a conversation between the two women.

I see myself here every day. I've been here for three years and I love it.

The success of the boutique can be attributed to the use of social media.

We've reached a lot of people that way. "It's convenient."

Perruquet said that the style of the fashions would not change.

My style is old fashioned. The thing doesn't change. You could have gotten anything in my store a couple of years ago.

The right cuts are made.

fluencing one's business online doesn't mean selling products online

Building business is more important than maintaining a presence in the social media world.

Taylor Burleson said hair styling is more about seeing styles on social media than it is about getting a style in a magazine. She said she doesn't think magazines are printed anymore because most of the time the stylists are working off a photo on someone's phone.

Two people style the hair of another person.

The customers don't have magazines anymore. They go to various websites to look at how you do your work. It's taxing to just always be doing it, so I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It's the only way to grow your business

She said it took a lot of time to keep a presence online.

Having a brick and mortar business that doesn't sell online means having to get her name out to people. She had to go everywhere to introduce herself early in her career.

She said that the process is reversed when it comes to hair styling. Burleson said it was more like, "This is my phone." This is what I give. You can come to me if you like what I have to offer.

Burleson said that developing the right vibe for the salon is important.

She said that keeping the salon's name out helps build trust.

They put chemicals on your head if you call a new salon. You haven't met them before. You don't know how skilled they are. They don't know what they do. There is a lot of open space to get something wrong. It leaves a grey area, which we like to limit.

The salon owner said that creating content online is something that she designates time for, but that she would rather have it happen organically.