Listrak Launches Text Messaging Marketing Solution

by Lindsey Francy Jun 2, 2023 News
Listrak Launches Text Messaging Marketing Solution

Listrak said that it is launching an artificial intelligence assistant that will give marketers unparalleled efficiency and creativity in their campaigns.

The company said it would make the process of sending personalized messages simpler. The company said that businesses can now generate highly targeted and engaging content in a matter of seconds with the power of generative artificial intelligence.

Retailers, brands and consumers have embraced the use of generative chat and artificial intelligence in marketing.

The new tool will greatly enhance the marketing efforts of retailers and brands and allow marketers to deliver personalized content that meshes with their audience on a whole new level, according to the CEO of Listrak.

Listrak said that it has integration into its text editor. Users can simply click a button when they compose a text message. The assistant reads and understands the content on the linked page to generate context-specific messages.

Listrak said that marketers can include an image in their messages with the help of the artificial intelligence assistant. If enabled, the artificial intelligence assistant will be able to pull a featured product image from the linked page and convert the message to an msg format

Users can choose a tone of voice from the available options or add their own unique prompt to guide the assistant's recommendations. Businesses can maintain their brand voice and deliver personalized messages that are relevant to their target audience.

Listrak's artificial intelligence assistant is a game-changing tool for marketers. It provides an efficient solution for content generation and allows businesses to experiment with different messaging strategies.