Supercharge Your Marketing by Connecting These Technologies

by Samuel Pordengerg Jun 2, 2023 News
Supercharge Your Marketing by Connecting These Technologies

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A lot of superheros have a sidekick. It's not that Batman isn't capable of great feats on his own, it's just that he can do more with Robin at his side. Duo do-gooders can be unstoppable together. Abbot would be funnier without Costello. Is it possible for Bonnie to get away without her husband?

It's true that two are better than one when it comes to marketing.

At my business, PostcardMania, we have the advantage of closely tracking successful client campaigns to determine what made them work, and we delivered over 30,000 campaigns last year. To be exact, 28,091. I have an idea of what works and what does not.

I know a few marketing duos that will help boost your results.

You should invest in these 5 technologies to redefine your marketing efforts.

Website + direct mail

Business owners used to think of their website as a place for valuable information to be found. Today's savvy business owners understand that a website is a valuable tool that can attract prospects, build trust, and convert visitors into qualified leads and customers.

Not all websites are as good as they could be.

Your website is generating leads. You can turn your website into a powerful follow-up tool by tweaking it behind the scenes. Direct mail re-targeting can turn your website into a huge catalyst for closing sales.

With a little bit of code and an integration that connects your website to a direct mail automation platform, you can retarget your website visitors with postcards at their home. If you're a little tech-shy, some companies will even set this up for you.

You can change which visitors you want to target to get the best leads. It's possible to mail to visitors who spend more than 30 seconds on your site or only those who add something to their shopping cart and then abandon it.

I sell direct mail, so I'm not talking about it. According to the research, tangible advertisements make a bigger impact on prospects than digital ones.

According to a study done by the USPS and Temple University's Center for Neural Decision Making, direct mail has a more significant emotional impact than digital ads. The brains of participants were more stimulated when interacting with direct mail.

Direct mail could sway them more than digital interactions alone. Adding a discount code or free offer to your follow-up mailer may be the extra incentive they need to make a decision.

I encourage you to try retargeted direct mail even if you start slow with a small budget. A real estate investor let it run in the background for a long time. He only sent out a small amount of postcards because he didn't have a lot of website traffic.

That's the magic of combining targeted mailers with your website traffic.

There are 3 ways technology helps you make money with direct mail marketing.

It's not the newest technology to enter the marketing spectrum, but it's getting better every day. When someone crosses into one of the targeted areas, it creates a triggered response that will prompt your ads to show up on their favorite sites or email.

pet owners who visit local dog parks, pet supermarkets or animal shelters could be targeted by a veterinarians A yoga studio could try to get people to visit their store. There are a lot of options.

You won't spend money accidentally targeting people who actually visited the tire shop next door because of the reliable nature of the technology. Once you've targeted enough people, your profiles can be used to target larger audiences with similar demographic characteristics.

If you have automated direct mail in place, you could send a mailer to these prospects if they click on your ad and visit your website.

A compelling sales funnel can be created with all of the integrated marketing channels in place. The power of automation is shown. It's all you have to do is set it up once, set your budget and check in periodically to make sure you get your money's worth.

Soon, prospects will see you everywhere and think of you as their brand. The recall is what you want when they need your product or service again.

There are 6 technologies that are going to change marketing in the next decade.

AI + content marketing

Website content can be a major trust builder for your businesses and therefore can help turn an interested prospect into a buying customer. A lot of business owners don't like the idea of writing copy for their website and not updating it often.

I understand the challenge of creating large amounts of content for businesses. You already have a business.

Most of the writing for small business owners will be done with some of the tools they have access to.

There are a number of popular content-driven artificial intelligence tools.

You can type in a subject and a tone of voice and the artificial intelligence will produce a copy for you. Artificial intelligence is being used to produce more content in a shorter amount of time.

I think it's a good idea to try out an artificial intelligence tool to write something that will benefit prospects and customers. They always want to know about your industry. Are you interested in sharing a recent case study? It's possible you can create a page that explains the buying process.

When taking someone from interested in purchasing to interested in buying, focus on creating content that builds trust.

Artificial intelligence can only take you so far. Tailoring the copy to your business's style, purpose and level of expertise is still necessary.

The more content you produce, the better your search engine rankings will be, the more your prospects and customers will interact with you online, and the more you'll see long term results.

Put all these integrated marketing duos together, and it's as if you have a host of secret weapons to accomplish your master plans.