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In June, there will be Pride Packs that highlight meaningful LGBTQ+ stories.

As part of its ongoing mission to support and increase visibility for the LGBTQ+ community, the SKITTLES® brand is celebrating Pride 2023 by elevating LGBTQ+ stories. Fans will be able to get a free collection of LGBTQ+ stories onAudible, as well as upcoming special edition Pride episodes of QUEERY, by scanning the QR code on any of the Pride packs.

SKITTLES® teams up with Audible, actor and comedian Cameron Esposito, GLAAD, and the five designers of SKITTLES' 2023 Pride packs to support and increase visibility of the LGBTQ+ community by elevating LGBTQ+ stories. QR codes on each SKITTLES Pride pack will direct fans to a free collection of LGBTQ+ stories on Audible, special edition Pride episodes of Cameron Esposito's QUEERY podcast, and other meaningful stories of Pride.

The SKITTLES Pride Audible collection is free to stream from now until July 31 and can be found at The SKITTLES Pride collection was put together by multiple teams atAudible including Editorial, Marketing, and Content. There are several categories of programming. The five artists who designed this year's SKITTLES Pride packs were part of the June 5 Listens. Sorry Charlie Miller and The Inheritance are two of the free titles in the collection.

To further elevate voices and stories in the community, SKITTLES is partnering with actor and comedian Cameron Esposito to develop special Pride edition episodes of her QUEERY podcasts, highlighting the individual stories of the artists who designed the 2023 SKITTLES Pride Packs. Fans can explore the episodes and submit their own stories of Pride for a chance to be featured in a podcasts episode by visiting

"Mars Wrigley North America is proud to continue our four-year partnership with GLAAD and introduce new collaborations this year withAudible and CAMERON , to help elevate and provide visibility to the LGBTQ+ community," said the Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America. The SKITTLES brand is honored to have the chance to help amplify voices from the LGBTQ+ community through the power of storytellers, which will help to increase support, generate inclusion, and build community.

James Finn said that they were on a mission to ignite the world's imagination by bringing stories, ideas and characters to life. Our focus and passion to elevate LGBTQIA+ voices that deserve to be heard is what makes us team up with SKITTLES.

The Pride packs were created by artists within the community. SKITTLES will donate $1 for every Pride pack purchased, up to $100,000, to support GLAAD's ongoing efforts. The annual GLAAD Media Awards and Spirit Day are examples of moments that shine a spotlight on visibility.

The vice president of strategic partnerships at GLAAD said that the ongoing support and partnership they receive from SKITTLES helps them advance their critical mission to further dialogue that leads to cultural change "SKITTLES' mission this year to spotlight LGBTQ+ stories is a profound initiative that can maximize awareness, support and acceptance for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer community while furthering diversity and inclusion."

The Pride packs are available in 4oz Share Size Packs and 15.6oz Stand Up Pouches at select retailers nationwide from now through July.

The various partnerships and Pride packs artists can be found at

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About the gay community.

The script for acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer community was rewritten by GLAAD. GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and spark dialogue that leads to cultural change. All that has been accomplished is protected by GLAAD, which makes a world where everyone can live their lives. Visit or connect with GLAAD on social media.

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The name of the person is CAMERON ESPOSITO/QUEERY.

He is an award-winning standup comic, actor, writer, and author. In addition to her work as a nationally touring headliners, she has also appeared in big budget films and beloved independent movies, including most recently on ABC's A Million Little Things. QUEERY is a series of hour-long conversations with some staffs of the brightest in the LGBTQ+ family, and Survive or Die Trying is a Sony comedy show about surviving life's most serious situations.

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