ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners.

by Lindsey Francy Jun 2, 2023 News
ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners.

When the novel came out, Lipkin didn't pay much attention to it. She was the only writer at the tech start-up where she worked and she wrote about how to use the chatbot on the job.

Lipkin's assignments dwindled over time. Managers started referring to her as "Olivia/chatGPT" In April, she was let go without explanation, but when she found out that managers were writing about how using ChatGPT was cheaper than paying a writer, it made sense.

She said that she was anxious that it would replace her. I was out of a job because I had proof that it was true, and I was also out of a job because of artificial intelligence.

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It was 1/2.

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Over the past year, the quality of artificial intelligence has increased so much that it is now possible to create computer code. Silicon Valley companies are pushing these products to millions of users and are often giving them away for free.

The technology could replace hundreds of millions of jobs, according to some economists. Skeptics say that the fear of job losses is overstated and that artificial intelligence will allow people to work more quickly.

Some workers feel the impact. The people that write marketing and social media content are being replaced with tools that can produce alternatives to their work.

Artificial intelligence doesn't match the writing skills of a human because it lacks personal voice and style. Cost-cutting is a good thing for many companies.

Sarah T. Roberts is an associate professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. The jobs that were supposed to be automation-proof are going to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

The working world has been a part of artificial intelligence for a long time. For years, consumer-product companies, grocery stores and warehouse logistics firms have used artificial intelligence and machine learning to make business decisions. Industrial plants and factories have been dominated by machines for most of the 20th century.

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The recent wave of generative artificial intelligence, which uses complex algorithms trained on billions of words and images from the open internet, has the potential for a new stage of disruption. Highly paid knowledge workers are at risk of being replaced due to the technology's ability to make human sounding prose.

The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business associate professor said that the automation was aboutAutomating the hard, dirty, repetitive jobs. The automation threat is aimed at the highest-earning, most creative jobs that need the most education.

18 percent of work worldwide could be automated by artificial intelligence, with white-collar workers such as lawyers at more risk than those in trades such as construction or maintenance. According to the report, occupations for which a significant share of workers spend time outdoors or perform physical labor cannot be automated by artificial intelligence.

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In a December report, the White House said that artificial intelligence could expose large new swaths of the workforce to potential disruption.

It's too early to know how disruptive artificial intelligence will be to the workforce. He said that high-level legal analysis, creative writing and art may not be as easy to replace because they still perform better than artificial intelligence.

He said that it was a high-end intern who acted as an artificial intelligence. Those jobs that are designed to break you into a field where you do something useful are the kind of jobs that are under threat.

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Fein used to charge $60 an hour to write everything from 150-word descriptions of bath mats to website copy for cannabis companies. Half of his annual income was made up of 10 ongoing contracts and he was able to provide a comfortable life for his family.

In March, Fein received a note from his largest client stating that his services would no longer be required. Nine of Fein's contracts were canceled for the same reason. His entire business was done in less than an hour.

Fein was wiped out by it. He warned his clients that he couldn't write content with his level of creativity. He said that his clients were aware of that, but they told him that it was cheaper to use a service.

Fein was rehired by a client who wasn't happy with the work they had done. He and his family have a little over six months of runway before they run out of money.

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Fein has decided to pursue a job that he can't do with artificial intelligence, and he's taking courses to become an heating, ventilating, and air conditioning technician He wants to become a plumbing professional.

He said a trade is more future proof.

High-profile stumbles have been faced by companies that replaced workers with chatbot When artificial intelligence was used to write articles, the results were rife with errors and took a long time to correct. A lawyer used a lot of fake cases in his legal brief. The National Eating Disorders Association, which laid off people staffing its helpline and replaced them with a chatbot, suspended its use of technology after it didled out inappropriate advice.

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Roberts said that companies rushing to incorporate the chat bot into operations are jumping the gun. Average content is churned out by design since they work by predicting the most likely word. She said that companies have a difficult decision to make.

Is a facsimile sufficient? Is imitation worth it? She asked if that was all we cared about. The measure of quality will be lowered. The company owners can take a bigger share of the pie.

Lipkin found out she had been replaced by a new company. She wanted to be able to support herself while she pursued her own work. She had a hard time writing for herself because of the job. She is going to be a dog walker.

Lipkin is taking a break from his job. The cheapest solution that people are looking for is a robot.